Fake currency of 50 crores recovered from 6 including army personnel, mostly printed 'Children Bank of India' | Children Bank of India printed on most of the notes in fake currency of 50 crores; 6 arrested including army personnel

  • Crime Branch suspected – These notes were printed with the intention of cheating, being investigated by every angle
  • 43.4 crore Fake Indian currency and US $ 4.2 million seized

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 03:51 PM IST

Pune. The crime branch here on Wednesday seized fake notes worth about Rs 50 crore. These include the currency of many countries including India and America. However, most of these are printed by the Children's Bank of India. Six people, including an army man, have been arrested in this case. The crime branch suspects that these notes were printed with the intention of cheating. At present, investigation is being done from every angle. Army personnel are also among the accused, so Army Intelligence is also involved in the investigation.

Pune's DCP Crime Branch Bachchan Singh said, “Two days ago we got information about the fake currency gang from Military Intelligence. After this, by running a joint operation, we arrested 6 people from a flat in the aviation area of ​​the city. Army jawan is the mastermind of this entire gang. ”

The Indian currency in the seized fake notes is 43 crore 40 lakh rupees.

Trying to find racket link
The DCP said that the value of Indian currency in the seized counterfeit currency was Rs 43.4 crore and the value of US dollar was Rs 4.2 crore. The Children's Bank of India is printed on most Indian notes. Finding out where the link to this racket is connected? Where did such a large number of notes get printed? What is the motive behind this? A gun with fake notes has also been recovered.

The value of the seized US dollar in Indian currency is Rs 4.2 crore.

6 people arrested

The crime branch said that the six people arrested were Sheikh Alim (36), Sunil Sarda (40), Abdul Ghani (43), Abdulgani Khan (18), Ritesh Ratnakar (34) and Tufail Ahmed (28) . Sheikh Alim Khan is serving as a hero in the Bombay Sappers Battalion in Khadki.

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