Pakistan Balochistan Update | Pakistan Border Forces Run Off From Their Check Posts As Baloch Protestors Pelt Stones In Brabchah Area | Baloch hurled stones at Pakistan's army, due to fear the soldiers fled their posts

  • A Baloch woman and her four-year-old daughter were murdered two weeks ago in Turbat city of Balochistan.
  • The protesters alleged that the murderers were linked to Baluchistan's ruling party BAP

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 04:55 PM IST

New Delhi / Islamabad. Protests are taking place in Pakistan's Balochistan province after the murder of a woman and a 4-year-old girl. The Baloch on Thursday fired stones at Pakistan's army in Barbacha area near the border. An army check post was also set on fire. Fearing violent demonstrations, army personnel fled from their posts and fled.

Videos of the incident are being shared on social media. One such video has been shared by Balochistan Post. Thousands of protesters are seen pelting stones at Pakistani soldiers. Army tanks were also standing at this place. But as soon as the stone was fast, the soldiers left the post and fled. The protesters then set fire to the army check post.

Woman and child murdered in turbat
These demonstrations have been going on for two weeks in Balochistan. Two weeks ago, a woman Maliknaz and her four-year-old daughter were shot dead in Turbat town here. The protesters allege that only members of the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), which runs the government of Balochistan, have committed the murder.

BAP was formed in 2018 by some members of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Muslim League (Q). The BAP became the single largest party in the elections held in Balochistan in 2018. BAP is also included in Imran Khan government.

Army is campaigning to end the Baloch Liberation Army
Arab News quoted intelligence sources as saying that Pakistan Army is conducting ground zero clearance operation. Under this operation, the Baloch Liberation Army and Baloch Liberation Front demanding the independence of Balochistan are being dismantled. There have been many cases of murder of Baloch and Pakhtun leaders in the last few days.

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