China India Tension in Eastern Ladakh News Today Updates; People's Liberation Army moved back by 2.5 km in Galwan area | China built military bases close to the border from Ladakh to Arunachal, India also increased troops and arms.

  • The Indian Army also deployed new ultra-light howitzers at the forward location, many additional corps were dispatched.
  • There was a confrontation between the soldiers of China and India in East Ladakh in May, talks are going on to end it.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 09:04 PM IST

new Delhi. To reduce the ongoing tension between the forces of China and India in East Ladakh, continuous talks are continuing through diplomatic and military channels. Meanwhile, China has built several military bases from Ladakh to Arunachal on the 4000 km long Line of Control (LAC).

Heavy weapons at Chinese military bases, Indian soldiers in fighting formation

  • A source close to the government told the news agency ANI that China has built its military bases wherever the borders of Arunachal, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand touch the LAC. It is not only in Ladakh. Apart from jawans, China has also placed heavy weapons on these military bases.
  • For this, the Chinese army should not act, India has immediately increased the number of soldiers in these areas and the soldiers have come to the fighting formation.
  • The Reserve Brigade, stationed in Himachal, has been sent to the area to provide backup to the 3 Infantry Division stationed in Karu, Ladakh. In April, additional troops have been sent to areas of Himachal where Chinese soldiers were seen near the border.
  • Apart from Harsil-Barahoti-Nelang Valley in Uttarakhand, additional troops have also been deployed in many other sectors. China had sent troops to these areas even before their whereabouts. They were seen here on foot patrolling.
  • The source told the news agency – 33rd Corps, Fourth Corps has been deployed at the front location of the eastern region. A brigade of 17 Mountain Strike Corps is also ready for deployment in these areas.
  • New ultra-light howitzer cannons and heavy weapons have been dispatched to the forward post. These weapons are deployed in the Indian border in front of military bases built in the China border.

There were three clashes between the two armies in May.

There have been three clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers this month. On these incidents, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that Indian troops carry out activities within their border. Activities beyond the Indian Army's Line of Actual Control (LAC) are not correct. In fact, these are the actions of China, due to which our regular patrolling is hindered.

Where, when and how did clashes occur in May?

1. Date – 5th May, Place- Pangong Lake in East Ladakh
In the evening of that day, about 200 Indo-Chinese soldiers turned face-to-face in the Finger-5 area on the northern side of this lake. India objected to the presence of Chinese soldiers. Conflict conditions persisted throughout the night. The next day, there was a skirmish between the soldiers on both sides. Later, the matter was resolved after talks between top officials on both sides.

2. Date – possibly May 9, place- Naku La Sector in North Sikkim at an altitude of 16 thousand feet
Here, 150 soldiers of India-China were face to face. Its date has not been officially revealed. However, according to The Hindu's report, the clash took place only on 9 May. During the patrol, the soldiers, face to face, attacked each other with punches. 10 soldiers were injured in this clash. Officers later intervened here too. Then the clash stopped.

3. Date – May 9, Place – Ladakh
The day China-India troops clashed in North Sikkim, China sent its helicopters to the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. Chinese helicopters did not cross the border, but in response, India sent a fleet of its Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter plane from Leh airbase and the rest of the fighter aircraft. According to media reports, this was the first time in recent years that in response to such action by China, India sent its fighter aircraft to the border.

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