The London road named after the British general committing in India will be renamed, Havelock Road will now be known as Guru Nanak Dev Marg | The London street named after the British general Havelock will be renamed, it will now be known as Guru Nanak Dev Marg

  • Henry Havelock had an important role in suppressing the 1857 military rebellion during the rule of the East India Company.
  • The Sikh community on Havelock Road is the world's second largest gurdwara, so it will be named after Guru Nanak Dev.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 10:14 PM IST

London. Demonstrations are also continuing in the US over the death of black George Floyd in the US. People are demanding the renaming of such heritage sites which have been involved in discrimination and atrocities during the British rule. In view of this, the government has decided to rename the Sir Henry Havelock road in Southall, London. It will be renamed Guru Nanak Marg.

Black protesters have launched a campaign to remove idols from London in the 16th century by people involved in buying and selling slaves. Havelock Road was named after Sir Henry Havelock. He was considered a visionary military officer in the British rule.

However, in India he was recognized as a ruthless military officer. He had an important role in suppressing the 1857 military revolt during the East India Company rule in India.

Why would the road be named Guru Nanak Dev Marg?

Southall has more Sikh community people. There is Sri Guru Singh Sabha on Havelock Road, which is the largest gurdwara in the world outside India. This is the reason why the road will be named after Guru Nanak Dev. Southall counselor Julian Bell said that the changed name of this road would be a symbol of the contribution made by the Sikh community to the country. It will also tell our unity. Parliamentarian Virendra Sharma also expressed happiness over the decision of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Statues of people involved in bargaining of slaves will be removed

In view of the black demonstration, the Mayor of London has announced the removal of the statues of the British rule from here. A commission will be set up for this. The commission will review statues, street names and other monuments in London and consider changing them. It will then be decided which inheritance needs to be saved.

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