Economy News in Hindi: India urges Britain not to give any more asylum to fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya | India said- talks continue to bring Vijay Mallya soon, asked Britain not to give him asylum

  • British High Court dismisses Mallya's plea to appeal to the Supreme Court against extradition to India
  • According to reports, Vijay Mallya has applied for political asylum in Britain

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 10:24 PM IST

new Delhi. Continued efforts are on to bring Vijay Mallya to India. The Indian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that we are constantly talking to the British authorities to bring Mallya to India as soon as possible. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that we have appealed to the British government not to give shelter to Vijay Mallya in his country.

It is being said in some reports that Mallya has applied for political asylum in Britain. Actually, Mallya has no legal option left in Britain. He appealed in the British High Court against his extradition to India. He had said that he wanted to file an appeal in the Supreme Court against extradition, but was rejected by the High Court.

British High Commission said – Extradition is not possible till the legal issue is resolved

The British High Commission had recently cleared the situation on Mallya's extradition. The High Commission had said – some legal issues are yet to be resolved. Until this is resolved, Mallya cannot be extradited to India. We cannot give more information about these issues right now, but we are trying to resolve them as soon as possible.

Extradition documents were not signed

Reports are quoting an official that Mallya is yet to be brought to India, as no official information about his extradition document has been signed yet from the UK. According to the extradition law, the final limit for Mallya's extradition documents to be signed by the UK Home Office Secretary was 11 June 2020.

Mallya has only two options, the first political refuge

It is also expected that Mallya has applied for political asylum in Britain. Experts said Vijay Mallya had only two options left to avoid extradition. The first to gain political asylum in Britain and the second to go to the European Human Rights Court. Mallya finds refuge on political grounds, so he can stay in Britain for as long as he wants. Provided that the treaty between India and Britain does not change or Mallya does not violate the terms.

Sources said Mallya would have applied for political asylum long before the UK High Court order came. If Mallya would have applied for asylum following a court order, the UK government would reject him. Mallya could avoid further extradition by applying for political asylum. Until the application is decided, the UK Home Ministry will not take any decision on his extradition.

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