Indore Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) Coronavirus Cases Update District Wise | MP Corona Testing / Numbers Death Toll Latest Today News; Ujjain Jabalpur Gwalior Sagar Hoshangabad | 85 new patients were found in Bhopal in a day, people forgot the mask and social distancing as soon as unlocked, the condition became worrisome

  • The way the crowds are overflowing as soon as the markets are opened in the entire state, the risk of infection has increased further.
  • Social distancing was seen on the first day in the 12th exam starting on June 9, but the rules were not followed in the second paper.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 09:59 PM IST

Bhopal. On Thursday, 192 new cases of corona were reported in the state. After this, the number of corona infected has reached 10 thousand 241. Here, the number of infected has reached 2012 with the highest number of 85 new cases a day in Bhopal. It is a matter of relief that there was not a single death due to corona in Bhopal on Thursday. In addition to two in Indore, one Corona infected in Burhanpur and Chhindwara had to lose their lives. So far 431 people have died due to corona in the state.

Social distancing was seen on the first day in the 12th examination, which started from June 9, but in the second paper, teachers who followed the rules at the examination centers were missing. Such photographs have come out from many centers, where social distancing was not followed. After the examination was over, the students came out of the school as a crowd.

After the examination was over in Raisen, the students who left the center forgot social distancing.

Total infectious data in Bhopal 2012

On the 10th day of Unlock-1, 85 new Corona positives were found in the capital. This is the highest number of cases received in a day. Earlier on June 8, 60 cases were received. The first case was found in Bhopal on 22 March. The new infected include 12 more employees from 108 emergency call centers. So far 20 infected have been found here. Also, after a few days of calm, 23 new patients were again found in Jahangirabad. All of them belong to the same community, who work on the shoulder and sell the sheets. There are now a total of 401 patients, while the total number of infected people in the city has reached 2012.

Quarantine Center has been built at MVM College in Bhopal. Questions are being raised about temporary toilets here. Made of thin sheets of polythene, these toilets have no doors and no roof. Toilets are also open from the top. Women are also to be kept in the center. Photo- Anil Dixit

Indore: Going sample with water pouch, sanitization with toilet water

50 to 70 new patients are getting corona daily in Indore. On average, two people are losing their lives. Despite this, a system of jugaad is being run to deal with it. The health department did not buy the gels' ice packs for the sample collection. Worked for two and a half months from the ice pack found for vaccination. After using as much as there was in stock, we started ordering from health centers. Now if there is a shortage, then it is being claimed to maintain a cold chain by storing water pouches. The second negligence has come to light with 108 ambulances transporting Corona's positive and suspected patients to hospitals. When the ambulance arrived at the airport to pick up the people who had recently returned from the US, they objected to the dust and dirt in the ambulance. It is then discovered that the ambulance is washed with toilet water instead of hypochlorite. The health department and NHM say the Jigitsa healthcare company operating the ambulance will be processed.

In Sehore, the Health Department team is going door-to-door to collect samples of suspected patients.

Bhopal: Brother is expelled from the house due to suspicion of Corona
Corona's attack is also breaking the relationship. One such case came up on Wednesday. A 49-year-old unmarried man living in Barkheda Pathani along with his brother-in-law was thrown out of the house by family members on suspicion of being corona. After wandering here and there, reached Habibganj station in the evening and took a ticket to Agra. During the entry on the platform, the medical team stopped seeing his condition. He had a cough and fever. During questioning, he told his name Omkar. Said- he has been sampling a day before, but he was going out of Bhopal even before the report came. Omkar told that he had a cough and fever for a long time. On Tuesday, the housemates kicked out. While there was adequate arrangement to stay upstairs in the house. After an hour and a half, he was sent by ambulance to Hamidia Hospital.

The street has been declared as a containment area after a new case of corona contamination in Ashoknagar.

Jabalpur: More than 78% corona patients recover

The number of patients recovering from corona is over 78 percent. One person to be discharged on Wednesday is from Rampur village in Tehsil Shahpura. Two people hail from Donda village near Bargi. The number of patients recovering from corona rose to 222. A total of 283 infections have been detected so far. The number of dead is 11. The number of active patients is 50.

This picture is of Guna. Five people on a bike are mocking the rules of social distancing.

Corona updates

  • Bhind: 4 new Corona cases were found in the district. With this, the number of infected here increased to 110. Of these, 54 were recovered and sent home. There are 56 active cases.
  • Harvester: A new case was found in the district. The patient was admitted after a cold cough-fever on 8 June. Now his contract history is being searched. The number of infected in the district increased to 4.
  • Dewas: A Corona-infected worker died in the district. A positive report came after he died. This person is a resident of Kundali Kalan Parasia block. Was admitted to isolation ward 5 days ago.
The picture is of Silvani tehsil of Raisen district. After getting the infected patient here, the health department team is conducting survey and sampling.

10,241 infected: Indore 3922, Bhopal 2012, Ujjain 759, Burhanpur 379, Neemuch 365, Jabalpur 283, Khandwa 274, Sagar 242, Gwalior 233, Khargone 212, Dewas 146, Morena 139, Dhar 131, Bhind 110, Mandsaur 95, Ratlam 85, Raisen 78 , Barwani 62, Sheopur 54, Chhatarpur 41, Rajgarh 39, Shajapur 38, Hoshangabad and Vidisha 37-37, Rewa 38, Rajgarh 37, Betul 36, Ashoknagar 40, Chhindwara 30, Dindori 29, Damoh 27, Anuppur 26, Satna 22, Panna 21, Datia 20, Narsinghpur 18, Shivpuri 20, Sidhi 17, Tikamgarh 19, Agramalawa 15, Jhabua 14, Shahdol 13, Singrauli 12, Sehore 11, Balaghat 12, Umaria 10, Guna 9, Mandla 5, Alirajpur, Harda and Two patients are infected in Katni 4-4 and Suture.

431 death: Indore 163, Bhopal 66, Ujjain 64, Burhanpur 20, Khandwa 17, Khargone 13, Sagar 13, Jabalpur 11, 9-9 in Dewas and Mandsaur, 4-4 in Neemuch 5, Dhar and Ratlam, Raisen, Rajgarh, Shajapur and Hoshangabad 3-3, one patient each died in Gwalior, Satna, Sehore, Barwani, Chhindwara and Sheopur 2-2, Morena, Agramalwa, Jhabua, Ashoknagar, Tikamgarh, Datia, Umaria and Mandla. (These figures according to the bulletin released by the Health Department at 9 pm on June 11)

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