Gurgaon Hisar (Haryana) Coronavirus Cases Update District Wise | Haryana Corona Testing / Numbers Death Toll Latest Today News; Gurugram Faridabad Sonipat Rohtak Karnal Hisar | Treatment started with plasma therapy in Faridabad, gave two doses to a patient

  • So far, most deaths have occurred in Faridabad due to corona
  • Gurgaon still number-1 in total patients figures

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 11:14 AM IST

Panipat / Faridabad. Unlock-1 is the 11th day in Haryana. The number of patients is increasing across the state but markets and business establishments have opened up almost. People are still negligent in applying social distancing, masks. Police are being challaned everywhere. Gurgaon and Faridabad are leading in the total number of patients. So far 18 people have died in Faridabad. At the same time in Faridabad, treatment has been started with plasma therapy. The plasma corona of a cured person has been given to an infected patient. According to a senior official, ESIC Medical College is preparing to provide plazas to about 6 more patients.

The Health Department is now preparing a list of Corona patients who have recovered in Faridabad. They are being contacted, people who are now ready to give plasma will try to cure their plasma infected patients. Doctor Nikhil Verma of ESIC Medical College says that the Medical College of India (ICMR) has received approval to start treatment through plasma therapy in the medical college. Two doses of 200–200 mL have been given to a 37-year-old infected patient of Gurugram. The first dose was given to a corona-infected patient on Monday. The second dose was given on Tuesday. Some other patients will also be given a similar dose.

This is plasma therapy
Plasma is extracted from the blood of a patient who has been cured of corona virus. That plasma is offered to the infected patient. In the case of corona virus of this therapy, there are good results. It is believed that plasma is extracted from the patient's body. His body started making antibodies against the corona, when his plasma is offered into the infected patient's body, it also helps him fight the corona.

So far 52 patients have died of corona in Haryana
So far 52 patients have died of corona in Haryana. Maximum 18 died in Faridabad, 13 in Gurgaon, 5 in Sonipat, 4 in Panipat, 3 in Jind, 3 in Rohtak, 2 in Ambala, 2 in Karnal, 1 in Hisar, 1 in Charkhi Dadri.

This is the state of the state

  • At present, the number of infected people has reached 5579 in the state, including 21 people returned from USA, 14 Italy citizens and 133 deposits. The maximum among these are 2546 in Gurgaon, 855 in Faridabad, 502 in Sonipat, 228 in Rohtak, 142 in Palwal, 112 in Jhajjar, 111 in Ambala, 108 in Karnal, 106 in Narnaul, 104 in Noonh, 102 in Hisar, 86 in Panipat. , 82 in Bhiwani, 65-65 in Rewari and Jind, 60 in Kurukshetra, 58 in Sirsa, 51 in Fatehabad, 46 in Kaithal, 43 in Panchkula, 45 in Charkhi-Dadri and 27 in Yamunanagar.
  • At the same time, the figure of those who beat Corona, including 14 Italian citizens, has come to 2188. These include 824 in Gurgaon, 306 in Faridabad, 208 in Sonepat, 99 in Jhajjar, 84 in Rohtak, 78 in Nuh, 57 in Panipat and Palwal, 57-57 in Ambala, 52 in Hisar, 47 in Karnal, 73 in Narnaul, Panchkula. And 26-26 in Jind, 34 in Kurukshetra, 33 in Bhiwani, 39 in Sirsa, 28 in Kaithal, 12 in Rewari, 9 in Yamunanagar, 17 in Fatehabad and 7 patients in Charkhi-Dadri have returned home.

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