Jodhpur news in Hindi: Corona positive in the investigation after the death of a 55-year-old man who was undergoing treatment for TB for 16 days, the administration conducted the last rites in Jodhpur | In Bhopal, brother suspected of corona, drove brother out of home; Jodhpur underwent treatment for TB for 16 days, corona report positive after death

  • When the report came positive in Beawar, the elderly reached the hospital with a lift, now looking for the people who came in contact with it.
  • Dead body waiting for funeral even 5 days after death from Corona in Saudi, family in Himachal for help

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 10:08 AM IST

Bhopal / Jodhpur Governments are spending crores of rupees to make people aware during the Corona transition. Apart from this, doctors and health workers are also conducting awareness campaigns. There are some people who are doing a lot of carelessness in this phase of the epidemic. The brunt of this is being borne by them as well as other people. At the same time, due to fear of infection, relationships have started to crack. Report on five such stories of careless people in the coronary

Bhopal: Reached railway station when removed from home

Bhopal. A young man was sitting on a bench for a long time at Habibganj station.

Relationships have also started to crack due to the Corona epidemic. One such case came to light on Wednesday, when a brother in Barkheda Pathani expelled his 49-year-old unmarried brother from Corona on suspicion. After wandering here and there, he reached Habibganj station in the evening and took a ticket to Agra, but after seeing symptoms of cough-fever, the medical team stopped him. He told that sampling has taken place a day before, but the report is yet to come.

Jodhpur: cremation could be held after 33 hours

Corona-infected Bhiram, 55, died on Tuesday in Sathin village of Jodhpur's Pipad subdivision. Surprisingly, he was undergoing TB treatment in Jodhpur for the last 16 days. He was admitted to MGH on 24 May. After the death, as a precaution, Bhiram was tested corona before the post-mortem, in which he turned positive. After this, the administration cremated him after 33 hours in Jodhpur on Wednesday.

Beawar: Health workers searching for a person who lifts the elderly

Beawar. Medical department team carrying positive elderly.

A 62-year-old corona from Delhi in Beawar, Rajasthan has been found positive. Originally from Gujarat, this person works in Delhi. After work stopped, he came to Beawar for his relative. After receiving information about his arrival, the health department team took his sample on Tuesday, which came positive on Wednesday.

Before the Health Department team arrived to pick him up, he left for the hospital on foot. On the way, he took a lift from someone and reached the hospital. Now the health department team is looking for the person who gave the elderly a lift.

Mandi: Dead body in Saudi for 5 days, family in Himachal

Suresh Kumar with his family in a yellow lining T-shirt.

A citizen of Himachal Pradesh has died five days ago due to corona in Saudi Arabia, but so far his body has not got any fire. The body of Suresh Kumar, a resident of Pargi village of Samaila Panchayat of Sarkaghat sub-division of Mandi district, has been trapped in Saudi since 5 days. Suresh was admitted to Saudi Central Hospital. The owner of his company has refused to take his dead body. As a rule, the Saudi administration will hold the dead body until someone claims it. Suresh was working there in a printing press called Al Mousa.

Kota: Hospital error, 26 patients at risk of infection

Now 26 patients and staff are at risk of corona infection due to false reports of a patient in Kota's MBS Hospital. The 65-year-old patient was admitted to the isolation ward on 8 June after suffering from shortness of breath.

The medical staff shifted him to the general ward, saying that his report was negative. The patient remained in the general ward overnight, it was learned in the morning that his report had come positive. After this, the entire ward was evacuated and shifted 26 patients to another ward.

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