Indore News in Hindi: Indore Coronavirus Latest News Today Updates; 101-Year-Old Corona Patient Admitted To Arvindo Hospital | Not a single day went out in lockdown, yet 101-year-old infected, 95-year-old grandmother has given Corona a beating

  • The elderly resident of Chhatri Bagh was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital by the Health Department.
  • The remaining 17 members of the family went to the hospital complaining of quarantine, abdominal pain at home

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 09:00 PM IST

Indore. In Indore, 101-year-old corona was found infected on Thursday. He is probably the oldest person in the country who has been infected with Corona. The elderly remained at home in lockdown, despite how they got infected with the virus, it is not yet known. He was admitted to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pain, where his report came back positive after being examined. Prior to this, the 95-year-old grandmother of Indore has returned to her home by beating Corona.

After coming to Karona positive, the 101-year-old elderly resident of Chhatri Bagh, along with a son, reached the hospital with a son from the health department. The remaining 17 members of the family are quarantined at home. The son said that the father did not even go out once during the lockdown. Four days ago I saw a family doctor if I had abdominal pain. When they did X-rays and blood tests, it was found that there was an infection in the kidney. After this Choithram arrived at the hospital. Here, the doctors investigated that the father had pneumonia. From here he asked to go to Shelby Hospital for investigation. After this, we took the father to the private lab on Wednesday, where he got Corona tested. The father was found infected when the investigation report came. After this, the team came at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon and took the father along with his elder brother to the Aurobindo Hospital. The son says that when the father was at home, then how did he become a victim of this virus is not known.

95-year-old grandmother wins battle with Corona
Chandabai Parmar, a 95-year-old veteran, defeated Corona at this age. After 11 days of treatment, he is healthy and is now at home. Bahu Deepa, grandson, resident of Nehru Nagar, says that on April 2, the son of Pardadi's second number and my father-in-law, Umakant, suffered pain in the ribs and took him to Triveni Hospital. When the x-ray brought phlegm to the lungs, I asked to go to another hospital. Mayur rushed to the hospital. He died on 4 April at 4 am. Out of fear of Corona, we got 16 examined by 16 family members. In the investigation that took place on 10, 6 family members turned positive. On the same day, Pardadi was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital. She returned home late on 21 April.

Also like hot bread and fish food
Deepa says she gets up by 8 o'clock. Drink tea 2 to 3 times. She does yoga in the morning and evening. Eats hot bread. In the afternoon eat biscuits, crisps, sev-parmal with lentils, rice, roti and tea in the evening. At night she likes jaggery made of ghee, sweetened jaggery, sugar pare, almond and rava pudding, fish, mutton. Vegetables eat bread at night. Every night, add ghee and drink cream milk. On the day you do not get the food of choice, you get angry.

Initially 48 hours was in ICU
Dr. Ravi Dosi explains that the elderly had trouble with coughing and breathing. Gambhir was in the ICU for 48 hours due to the situation. When his health improved, he shifted to general isolation ward. To increase immunity, take milk, light exercise and exercise by mixing vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, calcium, warm water, protein-rich food, Harlex.

Two elderly 82 and 76 year olds also returned home defeating Corona
82-year-old Babulal Lahori resident Nehru Nagar and 76-year-old Padmavati Patalia resident Malharganj have returned home from Mahant Complex Aurobindo Hospital. Deepak Thakur, grandson of Lahori, points out the three-story house. They do not come down on normal days. Did not even step down during lockdown. The investigation took place on 11 May and a positive report came on 15. Nanaji had a cold, cough, fever but still turned positive. Admitted to Aurobindo on the same day. 24 was discharged. He does not have any disease at this age, because he does yoga in the morning every day. Eating food made at home every day is nothing special.

Corporation's vegetable infected
Mahesh, son of Patalia, a 76-year-old elderly woman, says that I had sourced vegetables from the Municipal Corporation on May 4 and a fever came three hours later. Got infected with this. 7 were examined and 11 members including myself and 4 members turned positive. Admitted to Aurobindo on the same day. The remaining 15 members were screened, with 5 more being positive. The mother of my 20 was discharged on 24 May.

3922 patients infected in the district, 163 killed

Out of a sample test of 53651 people conducted so far in Indore district, 3922 patients were found infected. 163 of them will be defeated. At the same time, 2618 patients have returned home by beating Kareena. The district currently has 1141 active cases. In addition, Quarantine 4045 people have also returned home in the hotel.

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