Ujjain News in Hindi: Seal ICU opened with positive and authorized report negative on rural portal | Seal ICU opened with positive and authorized report negative on rural portal

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 05:10 AM IST

Shujalpur The administration has breathed a sigh of relief when the report of the villager of Pagravadakalan, whose family was quarantined home three days before the Corona report was found to be positive, came negatively on Thursday. The sealed ICU ward of the hospital, which provides primary treatment to this villager, has also been reopened. Rajaram's father Kaluram Khati, 45, a resident of Pagravadakalam was referred to Bhopal after being sampled at Civil Hospital City on 8 June after being admitted to Arogya Hospital on the night of 7 June after suffering chest pain.
District Medical Officer Dr. Vishnu Prakash Phulumbikar said that their sample test report was officially received on Thursday, in which they have been declared negative. On the possibility of the patient being told positive in the past, he said that all the action was taken as a precaution due to the blink of indicators on the national portal giving Corona update regarding the villager so that in advance, in contact with the person concerned To prevent people from coming in contact with other people. He said that the intention of the administration is to take priority action on the corona related updation keeping in mind the health of the people. Before the report came to negative, the administration has sent a sample of six health workers of Arogya Hospital along with four family members of a villager resident of Pagravadakalan for examination. Their report is yet to come. Dr. Rajesh Tiwari said that samples of health workers of Arogya Hospital have been sent as a precaution due to their regular involvement in healthcare. SDM Prakash town said that after the authorized report came negative, the ICU of Arogya Hospital has also been opened and the container area at Pagravadakalan has also been abolished.

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