The nomads who came out in search of livelihood, could devote the devotees with social distancing so that the goddess's Jalabhishek is done | The nomads who came out in search of livelihood, could devote the devotees with social distancing so that the goddess's Jalabhishek is done

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 06:42 AM IST

new Delhi. The photo is of Likhamsar village in Ganganagar. Due to the corona, the common people were imprisoned in the houses due to lockdown for the last three months. In such a situation, the people who are living in the vicinity of living in order to earn a living, are facing the most trouble. Some of such villages, near Lakhasar, the nomadic people went towards the destination with bullock carts towards Pilibanga.

Devotees will now be able to offer water in Baba Balak Nath Temple

Photo is of Baba Balak Nath Temple located in Sector-29, Chandigarh. For the convenience of the devotees in the temple, such a stand has been made of steel, in which water will be poured through the pipe and reach the pagoda. In such a situation, social distancing will also be followed and people will not be able to touch the pagoda.

Tirupati Balaji temple opened to devotees after 83 days

The photo is of Tirupati Balaji temple in Andhra Pradesh. Opened 83 days later on Thursday. On the first day 6 thousand devotees arrived. Only 500 people enter the temple for social distancing every hour. Children younger than 10 years and the elderly are not allowed to enter. Most of the temple staff appeared in PPE kits to avoid coronaviruses. The temple workers who shaved the devotees were also in PPE kits.

Fear of empty stomach more than Corona

The photo is from Chandigarh. In the Corona era, there is a strict instruction not to allow children below 10 years to move out. But these children of Colony No-4 of Industrial Phase-1 have to move out. Because the stomach is empty, there is no grain in the house. In the compulsion, the anchor has to stand in the scorching sun. On Thursday, 43 people stood at a distance of 20 steps, including 37 such children, who were less than 10 years old. He is afraid of an empty stomach more than Corona.

Today's scenario

The painting is made by a young man from Khizuri village in Hindouncity. Pawan Banshiwal, a student of Maharaja Surajmal Drawing and Painting University of the village, participated in the online drawing competition held on June 5 at the national level on World Environment Day. In which Pawan sent a painting online on the corona virus and sent it online. Who was selected among the top five paintings and was awarded the National Award.

Report negative yet did not even inform the family about the death

Photo is of Muktidham of Ratlam. Shantabai of Javra died at Ratlam Medical College on Wednesday evening. The administration did not even inform the family members. His report had come negative twice. Nevertheless, under the Corona Protocol, the Municipal Corporation performed the last rites in Ratlam. When the family came to know from others, they reached Muktidham at 8 am. Where the body was brought 5 hours later. Son Rakesh alleges that the people who came with the dead vehicle put PPE kits and gloves in the pyre.

Mother keeps chasing crows coming to eat meat

Photo is of Bijasan Ghat in Madhya Pradesh. The unidentified vehicle hit the puppy. this caused his death. After death, the mother sat beside the dead body, cherishing the dead body of her dead child. The crows coming to eat the meat were repeatedly chased away. This went on the highway for 2 hours. Eventually, the employees of the company operating the toll on the highway removed the body from the road.

More than two lakh banana plants laid on the ground in 250 fields

Photo is from Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. There was a thunderstorm here on Wednesday night with drizzle. Such a tornado arose that more than two lakh banana plants in more than 250 fields have completely subsided.
Pre monsoon: heavy rain forecast

Photo is of Narmada Ghat area of ​​Khargone. The weather in the surrounding area became pleasant after the rain on Wednesday. The low pressure area received rains in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The Meteorological Department estimates that there may be rain in the area tomorrow.

Narmada's water level is 127 m due to pre-monsoon rains. reached up

Photo is of Rajghat in Barwani district, the water level of Narmada here is 127 m. Has reached Due to intermittent rains for the last five days in Malwa-Nimar, the water level of the river rose. Due to this the Rajghat bridge has reached a sinking position. As a precautionary district administration has stopped traffic from the bridge. Barwani district has received 113.8 mm rainfall so far. This is 22.4 to 408 per cent more than the normal rainfall so far.

Sutlej river water clear, Indus river dolphin seen for the first time

The photo is of Harike port in Ferozepur district. There is a change in air and water after the lockdown. Due to less pollution, the black water of Satluj is clearly visible. The Indus River Dolphin first appeared in the Sutlej Darya.

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