Delhi Ahmedabad (Coronavirus) India News Update | Coronavirus Patient Beds in Delhi Mumbai Ahmedabad Private Government Hospital, Know Details | The app has beds, but hospitals refuse; Corona patient is asking for one and a half lakh rupees to write his name in the waiting list

  • Bhaskar Journalist became a relative of a Corona patient and talked to different hospitals, most of them disconnected the phone saying there is no bed

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 07:19 AM IST

new Delhi. Reports of Rahul Kotial for Delhi hospitals, Akshay Bajpayee / Anand Mohir / Vaishali Karole for Mumbai and Chetan Purohit / Anirudh Makwana for Ahmedabad

Three big cities of the country. With large hospitals … and also the most corona patients in the country. But there are no beds empty for corona patients in hospitals in these three cities that promote good health facilities. Be it Lilavati in Mumbai or Max in Delhi or Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Family members of patients are reaching hospitals for information about beds, but disappointment is taking place.

The beds are full and a waiting list is being made for Corona patients here. And to get the name written in that waiting list, it is being asked to deposit one and a half lakh rupees. Despite this, part of its patients are not getting treatment. We called 18 different hospitals in these three cities and spoke as a relative of a corona patient. We could not find a bed anywhere. Read full report …

Delhi: No beds in private hospitals, the government said, bring the patient if positive
The Delhi government has launched an application named 'Delhi Corona'. The aim is to make it easy for the public to know in which hospitals the corona infected are being treated and how many beds are available in such hospitals.

According to this application, there is a total of 8872 beds for the corona infected, including government and private hospitals in Delhi. By Tuesday evening, 4680 of these were filled while 4192 beds were empty. There are a total of 509 ventilators for corona infected in the state, out of which only 189 were left for new patients till Tuesday evening.

In order to investigate these figures appearing in the Delhi Corona app, we put the phone in many such hospitals one by one. Many surprising information came out in our investigation. While many hospitals refused to admit Corona infected, many others said that they do not have a single bed empty. While beds were available in such hospitals according to the application.

Talking about private hospitals, according to this application, maximum two hundred beds are available in 'Max Saket' hospital for corona infected. Three beds were available on the app while 197 were full. When the phone was asked about the beds, the hospital replied that they do not have a single bed. It could be assumed that three empty beds had already been filled before our phone was made and this update in the app had not happened by that time. But at half past six in the evening when Max Hospital gave its latest update in the app, there were two beds still empty.

At Max Hospital, we called and asked if there were no empty beds.

The case of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital is much more serious. According to the 'Delhi Corona' app, this is the only private hospital in Delhi after Max which has the highest number of 154 patients. According to the app, only 42 of these beds are filled while 112 beds are empty. But when we called and asked about the recruitment of a new patient, the hospital refused to take a new patient.

On behalf of Saroj Hospital, it was stated earlier that no beds are empty here. When we questioned that they are showing beds available in the app, the hospital changed its answer and said that they have beds but there are no nurses and other staff who can take care of the patients so they do not take any new patients Can. The hospital also said that 'a lot of our staff has left the job and is no longer in a position to get new patients'. This is the same hospital that issued a circular on 4 June saying that the hospital I will be admitted to any corona patient only if they deposit at least four lakh rupees in advance.

The patients are circling here and there, but are not able to admit easily.

The third name in the list of private hospitals is Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where a total of 129 beds are for corona infected. I called the hospital and asked, 'You talk to Dr. Shalini Chawla. The same can give information about whether new patients are being admitted or not. ”But on the call, doctor Shalini Chawla asked to call back to the hospital for information related to the recruitment of new patients.

The process of avoiding responsibility on each other continued but no answer was received from the hospital about whether new patients are being admitted to them or not, as per the app, more than a dozen beds are empty here.

Almost the same happened in the case of Moolchand Hospital. When we called, we were asked to talk to the head of operations KK Singh. But after several consecutive phone calls, we did not get any response from KK Singh's number given by the hospital. The same happened in the case of Fortis and Apollo Hospitals, where no response was made even after several calls.

That is, none of the hospitals in Delhi, which have been shown at the top of the list of private hospitals in the 'Delhi Corona' application, have agreed to admit a corona patient. This is the situation when in the last few days such cases have come in the headlines in which patients have lost their lives while running from one hospital to another.

The response to Delhi's government hospitals was still satisfactory compared to private hospitals. The name of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital is registered. There are a total of two thousand beds for corona infected here, out of which 1109 beds were empty till Tuesday evening. Calling here, the hospital assured that 'If the corona report of the patient has come positive, then take it to the hospital.'

Beds were said to be available in Delhi's government hospital.

Although this hospital refused to investigate Corona, it also said that if the investigation has been done from elsewhere and the patient is found infected then he can be brought to the hospital. When asked about the cost of treatment for Corona infected, the hospital also assured that this treatment is absolutely free in this hospital.

Lok Nayak Hospital was the only hospital to receive a positive response. Apart from this, many other government hospitals did not even get work or no reply was given from there. Such hospitals include Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital where a total of 1500 beds are present but no answer is being given on the phone. The situation at Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital was also similar where 500 beds are available on the app but no one is answering the phone.

Mumbai: Here empty beds neither in private nor government hospital

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai have crossed the 50 thousand mark. Now the situation is so bad that empty beds are barely available in both private and government hospitals. According to reports, there are a total of 9284 beds in dedicated hospitals for corona patients in Mumbai. There are a total of 1094 ICU beds and 464 ventilators for corona patients in private and government hospitals.

Private hospitals in Mumbai also have beds full. Waiting list is also getting longer.

On Tuesday, we got information about beds by calling 6 different hospitals of the city, then it came to know that there are no empty beds in the hospitals. There are also some hospitals, which have been named by BMC for treatment of Kovid, but Corona patients are not being admitted there. On behalf of the hospitals, it was said that you should write the name, age and contact number in the waiting list. You will be given information if the beds are empty.

Asked about the Kovid beds in Bombay Hospital, the reply was given that, 'Beds are not available at the moment. Will have to wait. You call after half an hour, otherwise it will go tomorrow. By the way, what is the problem for the patient? If there is difficulty in breathing, they may get ICU and we do not have beds in ICU. Please give the number Will be told if it is available.

How many beds do you have available for corona patient? When asked, the answer was, 'ICU has 16 beds, which are all full. One bed is empty every day, but ten patients come to get admitted. Giving beds to the patient according to the waiting list. What number is in my waiting list? Is your 5th number.

There is also a huge shortage of ICU beds in hospitals. There are numbered beds and the number of patients is more.

A call was received at Bhabha Hospital and the answer was, 'What is happening to the patient? How old are you? You bring the patient here, then you will decide whether to give the bed or not. Are mama beds empty? On asking this, the answer was, 'You bring it soon. Let's see the bed. you come.'

The reply from SL Raheja Hospital was that, 'Beds are not available. Are not in any ward. Name it, I can note it. When will it be empty? So said, can not tell. How long have beds been full? On this, the answer was that, 'Ever since it started, it has been going full. We make a waiting list, we call patients accordingly. Sir, is our patient's condition serious? 'Many patients have such a condition. Look near the one near you. Keep calling Inform in BMC. Can anything happen by tomorrow? He said, 'Nothing can be said. It will depend on the discharge. '

A call was received in Lilavati that the ICU beds were not available. The other's states are not known. ' Kapoor said to the hospital, 'There is no vacancy right now. We cannot provide information about beds on the phone. Beds are not reserved by phone. Whoever comes first, give it to them. '

Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center got the reply that, 'Kovid is not admitting the patient here. We do not have a Kovid ward here. The response from Breach Candy Hospital was, 'The beds are full. We have only 12 beds. The ICU has 9 beds separately, all of which are full. But only if we come through our doctor or BMC, will be admitted. Corona Patient is not directly admitted here.

Patients in hospitals have increased so much that a waiting list is being made.

Asked for beds from the Guru Nanak Hospital in Bandra, the reply was received that, at present, no beds are available. Both ICU and General are full ward. On request for beds, the answer was that, one can get a bed in a hospital in Chembur. For this you have to come here.

A similar answer was received from Saifee Hospital in Girgaon. He said that, currently no beds are available. You give your phone number, address and other details. Will tell you as soon as it is empty. When your patient is admitted here, then 1.5 lakh rupees will have to be deposited in advance. The rest of the day will be reported to you on the same day. It cannot be informed in advance.

Ahmedabad: No beds were refused recruitment

A call at the hospitals set up at the Kovid Center revealed that if there is no bed for a corona patient in a hospital, then someone refused to be admitted. In the civil hospital where Kovid-19 Care Hospital has been started, there is no answer on the phone, although they have started a helpline of 104 numbers.

When I called at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, there was no answer from there.

When I called the SVP Hospital under Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, I got a reply that, “Sorry … No beds are empty yet.” The same condition was found in private hospitals too. SGVP Holistic, Sushrusha Hospital said, 'We are full here'. Even after the emergency was told, the hospital refused to give the bed. The reply from Sterling Hospital was that '100% beds in our place are in Ahmedabad Muni. The corporation has acquired. Therefore, if someone wants to get admitted here, one has to come through AMC.

Most of the private hospitals in the city are running full. Many patients have gone to extras for beds.

Saraswati Multispeciality Hospital said that we have beds here but you should show the patient report first. Only then will you be able to tell how much the charge will be, what protocol will be there. Another private hospital, Pushya Hospital, told the entire package enthusiastically that we have started the Kovid Center today. So now the place is empty, come on. Talking about the charge, it was said that first Rs. 2 lakh will have to be deposited as deposit. After treatment, daily Rs. Consider spending up to 25 thousand.

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