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  • So far, 8501 deaths due to corona in the country, Maharashtra has the highest number of 3590 lives.
  • India overtakes Spain and Britain in terms of patients, now we have come in number four in the world

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 07:37 AM IST

new Delhi. The number of corona infected in the country has increased to 2 lakh 98 thousand 238. On Thursday, for the third consecutive day, more than 9500 patients grew and a record 393 people died. These figures are based on Apart from this, India overtook Spain (2.89 lakh) and Britain (2.91 lakh) in case of patients. Now we have come to number four in the world. Currently, the top 7 infected countries are the United States, Brazil, Russia, India, Britain, Spain and Italy. But India is still better than America in recovery rate.

Record patients increase in Maharashtra and Delhi
The highest number of infected were found in one day in Maharashtra and Delhi on Thursday. Reports of 3607 people came positive in Maharashtra and 152 lost their lives. There were a total of 97 thousand 648 patients here. In Delhi, 1877 patients were found and 101 died. With this, the number of infected in the capital increased to 34 thousand 687. So far, 1085 people have died in Delhi from Corona.

State of 5 states
Madhya Pradesh: On Thursday, 192 new patients appeared and 4 died. Infection was confirmed in 85 in Bhopal, 41 in Indore and 14 in Ujjain. 10 thousand 241 infected have been found in the state. Of these, 2768 are active cases. Madhya Pradesh has become the seventh state with the highest number of cases.

Uttar Pradesh: On Thursday, 478 coronas were found infected in the state and 24 lost their lives. 41 patients were found in Gautam Budhnagar, 30 in Lucknow, 20 in Jaunpur, 16-16 in Ghaziabad and Hardoi while 18 patients were found in Meerut. The death toll in the state has reached 345. A total of 12 thousand 88 patients have been found here, out of which 4451 are active cases.

Maharashtra: On Thursday, 3607 new corona patients were found and 152 died. These two figures are the highest in a day. The number of infected in the state increased to 94 thousand 648, out of which 47 thousand 980 are active cases. In Maharashtra, the death toll from Corona has reached 3590.

Rajasthan: On Thursday, 238 new cases of corona were reported and 6 patients succumbed. In Jodhpur, 62 were infected, 44 in Alwar, 38 in Jaipur, 14 in Ajmer and 12 in Dhaulpur. The number of patients in the state now reached 11 thousand 838, of which 2798 are active cases. There have been 265 deaths due to corona in the state.

Bihar: On Thursday, 250 people in the state received Corona report positive and no deaths. 60 patients were found in Siwan, 36 in Munger, 19 in Aurangabad, 10 each in Bhagalpur and Kaimur, and 16 patients in Madhepura. The total number of infected was 5948, out of which 2828 are active cases. In Bihar, 34 people have died from Corona.

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