Coronavirus Lockdown | Uttar Pradesh Migrant Workers Three Story From Jaunpur, Sultanpur and Gonda | Hundreds of kilometers had reached home; Someone died 200 meters away from the house, then the body of someone was removed from the truck

  • April and May were the most painful during the lockdown period
  • Somebody reached his house by private means on foot

Ravi Srivastava

Ravi Srivastava

Jun 12, 2020, 07:09 AM IST

Lucknow. After 25 March, 68 days of lockdown, April and May were very painful for migrant laborers. In the scorching heat, sometimes he walked barefoot, sometimes by bicycle, whatever means he found on the way, he made the support to reach his destination. Filled thousands of bags in trucks and traveled thousands of kilometers to reach the threshold of home.

In this journey, he did not care about his life. But before crossing the threshold, he started worrying that he might get infected, so he quarantined himself outside the house. But he died. Three similar stories of helplessness, utterances of the suffering families…

Jaunpur: Helped friends from capital deposited for daughter's wedding, died in garden 200 meters from home

Jaishankar, a resident of Sureri village, returned from Mumbai on May 16. He was accompanied by wife Aarti, two sons Aniket, Shubham and elder brother Shivshankar. All the quarantines took place in the garden 200 meters from the house. However, on the night of 20 May, Jaishankar suddenly worsened.

He was rushed to the hospital, but died. Why did you die To confirm this, neither the post-mortem nor the corona was tested. As a result, when Jaishankar's two sons were examined, they were infected. However, both are back home after recovering. But how the father died, the question is still in his mind.

Jaishankar. -File photo

Wife Aarti says that Jaishankar used to work as a teller in a small shop in Maharashtra. Elder daughter Sanjana, who lived with her maternal grandparents in the village itself. Jaishankar used to spend them as well. The rest of us lived in Mumbai. Work stopped when the lockdown occurred. Corona was also spreading very fast there, yet we waited all through April.

The husband had saved some money for the daughter's marriage. But some laborers from Bihar and Rajasthan were very upset, and spent their savings in their help. We had registered the labor train. On 16 May Varanasi arrived with the family, then came to the village by bus. On the question of returning to Mumbai, Aarti takes a deep breath and says that if he (husband Jaishankar) is no more, what will he do going back?


Jaishankar's elder brother Shivshankar also lives in Mumbai. He says that Jaishankar had to marry the daughter after 2 to 3 years. He also saved money, but when he saw his friends in trouble, he also helped them with the same money. With little money left, the family has returned home. Now the biggest concern is how to take care of the children and the marriage of the daughter? The family says that if the government gives any employment to the family members then the family will be well.

House in the village of deceased Jaishankar.

SP Rural Sanjay Rai says that Jaishankar's post-mortem was not done. The reason for the death was not clear. Family members had performed the last rites. At the same time, the village head Ramshankar told that, doctors did not recruit in Sadar Hospital. He died due to lack of treatment. Corona was also not tested. He also had TB long ago. After Jaishankar's death, both the sons were found positive when the whole family was tested. Now both are healthy and at home.

Gonda: 150 km cycling had reached the village again by bus, snake bite in unauthorized quarantine center

Cycled about 150 km. Dangerously crossed the Ganges River. Then reached home by bus. It decided to spend 14 days outside the village for unauthorized quarantine center, so that people do not become corona. However, snake bite caused death in the night. This is the story of 16-year-old Mahendra from Gonda.

Baba Mathura in a burdensome voice says that Mahendra had gone to Kaithal, Haryana, in March, near his great uncle Sukhai, 848 km from the village. He was also accompanied by his cousin. Sukhai handpicks the kulche in Kaithal.


That's when Uncle Sukhai speaks. They said that everything was fine but suddenly there was a lockdown. The money that was nearby, slowly started to wane. The fellow comrades started walking on their way back to their village on foot. When the economic situation started to wane, we also started slapping.

Talking to people, it was told that the police stops at the Haryana border. So cross the border by bicycle and cross the river Ganga and reach Saharanpur. A bus will be available from there. There were two old bicycles in the house, which were repaired. Then I, my son and Mahendra got out of the bicycle on May 10.

Cycled about 150 km. Then reached the river through the fields and crossed the river by paying 300 rupees to the boatman. Then somehow we reached Saharanpur bus stand. Where I parked my bicycle in the parking lot and we got a slip that you take your bicycle back. On May 14, we reached Gonda by bus, then from the tempo station reached the house located in Imlia village of Wazirganj.


Baba Mathura says that it was about 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We called at the outpost and asked, “Sir, these people have come, where to stop?” So the lighter inspector replied that, stop at the school where everyone has stayed. There is no official quarantine center in the village.

When the bus stops at the behest of the policemen, our children also leave. We also gave a cover However, he was bitten by a snake an hour after lying down at night. We found out that he ran away from Gonda on his motorcycle. Many went to hospitals, but none treated.

Ram Kishore and others of the deceased Mahendra's father.

Mahendra's father Ramkishore says that we kept crying. Kept on praying But no one listened. When he finally reached the district hospital, he died a short time later. He was my only son. The government has received compensation. Promised to build housing, but not yet completed.

Sultanpur: Promised to celebrate Eid together by calling daughter, but dead body reached home
Mubarak Ali, a resident of Maniarpur village of Dhammaur police station area, used to work as a tailor in Mumbai. He went to Mumbai from home on 26 January, but it became his last journey. Just eight days before Eid (May 16), he called home and told that he was going to celebrate Eid among the family.

He traveled from Mumbai to Sultanpur in a truck, where he was accompanied by people and relatives from the neighborhood. But on May 17, when he reached the Amhat crossroads of the city by truck and his companions wanted to take him off, he had fallen asleep. Even the people sitting together did not know at what time Mubarak died?

Mubarak Ali. -File photo

Ashrafi Bano, the elder daughter of the deceased Mubarak Ali, says that, we were quite happy when Abbu informed us that he was coming home. After this, his phone was switched on several times, then the switch was going off. The 23rd was Roza and we all sat down for Iftar with Abbu's mother who was on the same truck with Abbu reported the death of Abbu.

At that time, as if we all slipped under the feet. On 18 May, Abbu's body was brought home by post-mortem on May 18. After this, like few people performed the Namaz-e-Janaja and handed over to Abbu.

Ashrafi says that his father lived in Mumbai and worked as a tailor for almost 20 years. Due to which the family was having a good time. He was also very serious about the education of children. While Ashrafi is an MA first year student, his younger sister, two brothers are also writing. Now there is a big problem for them from their education to eating and drinking. Because till date the family has not even got any government help.

Ashrafi (in white suit) with his family.

The daughter said- Abbu was the only son of our grandfather. Apart from Abbu, he has 7 sisters. But farming is not much. Due to which the financial condition of the family is quite bad. The corona test was performed after death. The report of which came negative. However, why and how did Mubarak die? This question is still unresolved.

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