La Liga Returns | Sevilla beat Real Betis in the Seville derby as La Liga returned after a three-month gap | La Liga began with virtual fans 93 days later, with Sevilla defeating Rial Betis in the first match; Players kept silent for 1 minute

  • La Liga's second football league to be reopened, EPL to begin next week
  • Lucas Ocampos scored 56th and Fernando scored in the 62nd minute for Sevilla
  • In the points table, Sevilla reached third place with 50 points, Barcelona topped the table with 58 points.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 09:17 AM IST

The Spanish football league La Liga, which was halted in March due to Coronavirus, resumed after 93 days. Sevilla beat Rial Betis 2–0 in the first match. Lucas Ocampos scored the first goal through a penalty in the 56th minute for the home team in the match. Only 6 minutes later, Fernando scored the second goal to further strengthen the team's lead. Lucas also assisted in this goal.

Lucas is the second Sevilla player since 2011 to score in 5 consecutive league matches. The last time Alvaro Nigredo achieved this feat for the club. The previous league match was played between Iber and Rial Sociedad on 11 March. In this, Socidad won 2–1.

Barcelona's first match on Saturday

With this win, Sevilla came third in the points table with 50 points. He is just 6 points behind Real Madrid. Barcelona have 58 points from 27 matches and are at the club's top in the points table. Top-ranked Barcelona will play their first match against Mallorca on Saturday, while Real Madrid will face Iber on Sunday.

Fans from both teams gathered outside the stadium

A large number of fans from both teams gathered outside the stadium keeping the rules in mind before the match. Even though he could not go inside the stadium, he was very happy to return to football in the country. Just before the match, players of both teams held a 1-minute silence with the intention of paying tribute to those who lost their lives from Corona.

Prior to the match, players of both teams paid tribute to those who lost their lives in Corona for a minute.
Fans of both teams gathered outside the stadium before the match.

Match in the presence of virtual fans

The broadcast of the match showed the presence of spectators in the empty stadium using technology. Virtual fans appeared in the color of the home team. An already recorded voice of the audience was played when the goal was scored. However, the sound was so low that it was not heard most of the time during the match. At the same time, many spectators were seen standing on the roof of the buildings around the stadium and trying to watch the match.

The entry of fans was closed, apart from the broadcast unit and some media persons at the stadium. The virtual fans cheered the players during the match.

TV screen installed in stadium in Denmark

Earlier, in the baseball league which started in Corona between Taiwan, fans also had cutouts and dummies and robots were seen instead of spectators. Here, television screens were installed to show the presence of fans in the stadium in Danish Superliga, Denmark. In this, fans watching live matches are shown on the app sitting at home. His voice is also heard from the speaker in the stadium.

Football league has started in several countries between Corona
The Football League Bundesliga in Germany has started on 16 May. It is the first major league in Europe starting between Corona. At the same time, England's Premier League (EPL) will start from June 17, while Italy's Serie-A will start from June 20. Football in Russia will start next month. Russia's Premier League is the only football tournament to be held with spectators.

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