Market News In Hindi: BSE NSE Sensex Today | Stock Market Latest Update: June 12 Share Market, Trade BSE, Nifty, Sensex Live News Updates | BSE opened 1101 points and Nifty down 357 points, US market Dow Jones closed down 1861 points on Thursday.

  • On Thursday, the BSE was down 708 points at 33,538 and the Nifty was down 214 points at 9,902.
  • The US market Nasdaq was down 5.27 percent at 9,492 points, down 527 points yesterday.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 09:53 AM IST

Mumbai. On Friday, the BSE opened down 1101.68 points and the Nifty fell 357.05 points on the last day of trading. Earlier on Thursday, the BSE was down 32.36 points and the Nifty opened 22.05 points lower. During the day's trading, the BSE was down by 766.63 points and the Nifty fell by 231.1 points. At the end of trading, the BSE was down 708.68 points at 33,538.37 and the Nifty was down 214.15 points at 9,902.00.

Decline in worldwide markets
On Thursday, markets around the world closed down. The US market Dow Jones was down 6.86 percent to close at 1,861.82 points at 25,128.20. At the same time, the second US market Nasdaq was down 527.62 points at 9,492.73, down 5.27 percent. S&P, on the other hand, was down 188.04 points at 3,002.10, down 5.89 percent. China's Shanghai Composite was down 9.59 points at 2,911.31, down 0.33 percent. Meanwhile, the markets of Italy, Germany and France also declined.

Death in the country and the world due to corona
The number of corona infections in the country has increased to 2,98,300. Of these, 1,42,811 reports are positive. At the same time 1,46,972 infected have been cured. So far the number of people who died of corona in the country has been 8,502. These figures are according to On the other hand, the number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide has reached 7,596,987. Of these 423,844 have died. The death toll from Corona in the US has been 116,034.

09:50 AM There is a decline in the shares of all the companies included in BSE Bankex; The biggest drop is in IndusInd Bank's stock.

The rights issue of Reliance Industries can be listed on the stock exchange at Rs 600. The stock will be listed on Friday. Reliance Industries shares closed at Rs 1,545 on Thursday. While the price of its rights issue was fixed at Rs 1,257.

09:31 AM The top 10 looser stocks of the Nifty 50, all of its headlines have fallen.

09:27 AM Only SunPharma shares included in BSE 30 are rising, shares of all other 29 companies are down.

09:26 AM There is a decline in all 23 sectors of BSE.

09:24 AM All 32 indices of BSE fall.

09:15 AM BSE is trading 762.17 points down at 32,776.20 and Nifty is down 239.10 points at 9,662.90.

Heavy fall in US markets on Thursday

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