Ratlam News in Hindi: The report is negative yet inhumane such that neither the family was informed of the death nor the chance to see the last | The report was negative yet did not even inform the family about the death, PPE kits and gloves were put in the pyre

  • To know the condition of the mother of the family, she would call the hospital to answer that the doctors are busy
  • Nodal officer says – funeral is performed under the protocol even after the report comes negative

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 11:15 AM IST

Ratlam. In Ratlam Medical College, Madhya Pradesh, the lady of Javra was killed on Wednesday evening. The administration did not even inform the family. His report had come negative 2 times. Nevertheless the Municipal Corporation performed the last rites in Ratlam under the Corona Protocol. The family alleges that they got the information about the mother's death from somewhere other than the hospital. They reached Muktidham directly at 8 am, where the body was brought after 5 hours. The woman's son alleges that PPE kits and gloves were also put into the pyre by the people who came with the dead body.

Rakesh, a resident of Javra, said that his mother Shantabai had gone to Pratapgarh in Rajasthan to meet her sister before the lockdown. She returned on 12 May. His entire family was then quarantined. Rakesh told that his mother's sample came negative, but after a few days he got fever and took him to the hospital. The doctors referred Ratlam to him as a Kovid suspect. 5 days ago, admitted to Ratlam Medical College and took a sample for the second time, which came negative on 10 June.

Did not let me meet nor did I tell about the health

Rakesh alleges that he was not allowed to visit his mother in the hospital. No one told how the mother was, even after placing the phone on the landline number there. Ask the doctor, he used to say that he is busy. The death was also reported from relatives. If found out, it was said that yes, he has died. Come to Ratlam's crematorium for funeral at 9 am. The devotee's stepwell reached Muktidham with the family at 8 o'clock.

Did not even see the dead body

Rakesh said that after waiting for five hours, after 1 pm, the staff brought the body which was wrapped in polythene. The whole family kept praying that he should be allowed to have the last darshan, but this was not allowed. The elder brother Gopal Mali had his hands burnt and performed the last rites.

Medical college Speak directly to Dr. Sanjay Dixit, Dean of

Why did the family find the dead body late?
The vehicle from the municipal corporation arrived late.
The family has not been reported?
The report comes in an axle sheet. It is written on the patient's prescription. If someone asks, they give. If the family asks, we will give it
Why was the family not informed?
The death occurred at 4.05 pm on Wednesday evening. The family was informed by calling the police station.
Why were kits and gloves thrown in pyre?
Municipal employees go there, we cannot tell.

Funeral done under protocol: nodal officer
Dr. Pramod Prajapati, the nodal officer of Kovid-19 in the district, said in this case that even after the report comes negative, the funeral is done by protocol itself. This is done in view of security. According to the order of the government, where death occurs, the last rites have to be performed. That is why the last rites were performed in Ratlam. Cases are also increasing in Javra, so we are taking precautions.

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