Coronavirus Protection | Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Safety Medical Products List Latest News Updates | These 9 innovative products that have come on the market can make our life easier and safer.

  • Products like Hand Free Door Opener, Anti Fog Face Shield, Covid Quarantine Bed, Sanitizing Tunnel, Zero Touch Stand
  • Experts' advice – New products are useful, but do not consider their use to be 100% safe.

Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav Pandey

Jun 12, 2020, 12:53 PM IST

Kovid-19 has changed the whole world in 5 months. Every way of living, thinking, working, living, eating, coming and going … has changed. Meanwhile, our needs also changed slowly. But even in these difficult times, there have been some innovations, which can now be helpful in making our life easier and safer.
Some such new products have arrived in the market, or are in preparation. These include products such as hands free door opener, anti fog face shield, silicone scrubbing gloves, cotton face mask, covid quarantine bed, sanitizer spray machine, zero touch stand, sanitizing tunnel and booth.
Gyaneshwar Choubey, Professor in Zoology Department at BHU and Experts in Molecular Anthropology, also advises to be careful with describing these new products as beneficial. It is said that these things are useful, but you cannot be completely relaxed with them. After purchasing them, you should not feel that you are completely safe now.

These are new products-

  • A matter of caution

No product is talking about 100% security guarantee.
Professor Choubey says that no product company writes that it will kill 100% of the bacteria or that you will be 100% safe. So far, no such research has been done in the world, in which it has been found out how any product can protect you from corona.

  • Nice talk

Droplets here in our environment are finished in 10 to 20 seconds.
Professor Choubey states that the temperature status in India and America is different. If we have any droplets in the environment then it ends in just 10 to 20 seconds. Whereas in the US it stays alive for a long time, because the temperature is very low there. That is why unless a person comes in direct contact with an infected person, he is not having corona. Vecteria and korana also differ in size.

Keep these things in mind-

  • Can cause some side effet to be rolled out

Lalit Mishra, bio matrix and tech expert at a multinational company, says that sanitization tunnel is a very good thing. I have also felt in my office, we go through this every day. People also talk about some side effects, but in front of such a big risk, these things should be rolled out. One should think of more beneficial things.

  • Masks should not have holes larger than 15 microns

Regarding the cotton mask coming in the market, Lalit says that if you wear any mask, first of all, make sure that the knuckles in it are not larger than 15 microns. If there is a bigger hole than this then the virus can come in. Spray machine is also a very good thing, so that you can do sanitization in the house in a good way. Yes, one thing must be kept in mind that the quality of the sanitizer should be good.

  • Safe to eat in copper and bronze dishes

Lalit says that the WHO also believed that coronavirus does not last long on copper and bronze. Therefore, we should use copper and bronzes for food.

UK increasing production of antiviral coating masks
The UK's National Health Service is increasing production of masks with antiviral coating. Under this, one million such masks will be made in a week. Doctor Roy Thomas at Glanwilli Hospital, UK, says that the introduction of such products to the market will help doctors and nurses. Because when these safety products are easily available online to people, then they will be safer than Corona. In such a situation, doctors and nurses will be able to take good care of seriously infected patients.

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