Beed Coronavirus Cases Updates | Maharashtra Deshpande Hospital doctors and 58 staff (COVID-19) Testing Report In Beed | In Beed, Maharashtra, the corona report of doctors and hospital staff came negative when they started dancing, bursting firecrackers; Most did not even wear a mask

  • 58 people, including hospital doctors and staff, underwent a corona test after a patient was found corona infected in the hospital.
  • During the dance, the rules of social distancing were put on hold, the police registered an FIR against more than 12 people

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 03:50 PM IST

Bead A case of negligence of doctors and hospital staff has come to light in Beed, Maharashtra. 58 people, including doctors and staff working at Deshpande Hospital, were coronated. When everyone's reports came negative, they started dancing in joy. The carelessness was such that the staff even called the band. Then danced outside the hospital and burst firecrackers. However, after its video surfaced, police have registered an FIR against more than 12 people.

A patient was treated for three days at Deshpande Hospital. The patient's corona examination was done. His report came back positive. After this, the patient was shifted to Kovid Hospital. However, doctors and staff of Deshpande Hospital were also subjected to corona examination. Everyone's report came negative on Thursday.

Dance video went viral

The video of the doctors and staff dance went viral. During this time, the staff ignored social distancing. In the video, the doctors and other staff of the hospital are seen dancing to the tune of the band. During this time, most have not even worn masks on their faces.
After the video surfaced, the police registered a case against 9 people of the band group, including the owner of the hospital, Dr. Gajanan Deshpande, his son Shreyas Deshpande. All of them are accused of gathering in public places without masks, breaking the rules of social distancing and violating orders.

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