T-20 world cup will go by schedule after Australia PM Scott Morrison announces relaxations to allow sporting events to resume | Australia government approves 25% of visitors to the stadium amid Corona, hopes of T20 World Cup raised in October

  • Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced relaxation of restrictions on coronavirus
  • BCCI may consider IPL in August-September if T20 World Cup is on schedule

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 07:31 PM IST

Expectations of T20 World Cup in Australia in October-November this year have increased. On Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an important announcement regarding the return of the Games to the country. He said that from next month onwards spectators will be allowed to come to the stadium. However, in the initial phase only 25% of the visitors will be able to come to the stadium.

He informed after the cabinet meeting that these changes would apply to sports competitions, festivals and concerts. The stadium, which has an audience capacity of 40 thousand, will initially have only 10,000 spectators (25%).

Maintaining Medicines Guidelines: Morrison

Morrison further said that there should be a big and open space for this. It should also have seats at a reasonable distance. There will be a need to give tickets so that people understand how many people can come to that event. He said that rules are being made for public places with the help of Chief Health Officers.

Relief to cricket australia
This is a relief news for Cricket Australia and the ICC as they can now hold the tournament in October-November as per schedule. Without the spectators, neither side was ready to hold the T20 World Cup as it was bound to cause loss of revenue, the players were not too excited about playing in this way.

In such a limited number, this difficulty has been overcome to a large extent after the spectators are allowed to come to the stadium. Earlier in March, the Australian government had announced to seal the country's borders for the next 6 months in view of the threat of Corona. After this, the T20 World Cup was expected to be postponed.

Need to find new window for IPL
This is not good news for the IPL, as the BCCI is considering to conduct the IPL in the October-November window. However, this will only be possible when Australia agrees to postpone the T20 World Cup. Cricket Australia has also been continuously skeptical about the tournament, but now the government has raised hopes of the World Cup by allowing spectators to visit the stadium.

In such a situation, the possibility of IPL in October-November is very less. If the IPL is canceled, the BCCI may incur a loss of 4 thousand crores.

BCCI will have to find a new window for the league
Now BCCI will also have to find a new window for IPL. This year the T20 World Cup is to be held from 18 October to 15 November. Just after that, in December, Team India has to play a 4-match Test series against Australia.

IPL possible in September due to cancellation of Asia Cup

The IPL is expected to be held in the event of the postponement of the Asia Cup in September. This time it will be the Asia Cup in Dubai hosted by Pakistan. Initially it was to be held in Pakistan, but India refused to go there and play the tournament. For this reason, the Asia Cup was shifted to the neutral venue.

It is not easy to get a league in this window also, because the Pakistan Cricket Board has said many times that it will not postpone the Asia Cup for the IPL. Apart from this, there is a monsoon season in India at that time. In such a situation, rain can also become a hindrance.

IPL may be held in an empty stadium: Ganguly

A day earlier, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that IPL can happen without an audience. Ganguly had said, “Recently many Indian and foreign players have expressed their desire to play in the IPL. Fans, franchises, players, broadcasters, sponsors and all the stakeholders expect the IPL to happen this year. The BCCI will soon decide on the future of IPL. ”

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