Coronavirus Cases in India Cross 3 Lakh Updates | All You Need To Know On India Latest COVID-19 News and Death Counts | Corona cases took the least 10 days from 2 lakh to 3 lakh, initial 1 lakh cases were reported in 110 days.

  • The fastest in the US was 3 lakh cases in 82 days, it took 135 days for this to happen in India.
  • More than one and a half million patients have been cured in the country so far, Russia has the best recovery rate

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 07:59 PM IST

new Delhi. The number of corona infections in the country crossed 3 lakh on Friday. Now India is the fourth country in the world, where more than 3 lakh people have fallen prey to this disease. On January 30, the first case of infection was reported in the country. 110 days later, on May 10, this number increased to one lakh. Then the speed increased so much that in the next 25 days the number of infected people crossed three lakhs.

Thankfully, despite having the largest population, this pace is much slower than other countries. More than three lakh people became Corona positive in the fastest 82 days in America. In India, this figure reached 135 days.

Number of Infections reached three lakhs in US in fastest 82 days

Country day The date
America 82 4 April
Brazil 85 21 May
Russia 111 20 May
India 135 12 June

Now 50 thousand cases are coming every 5 days
The pace of increasing the number of corona infections has increased significantly. On May 6, Corona figure in the country was 50 thousand. That is, it took 98 days from the onset of infection to 50 thousand cases. But after this the pace increased. The next 50 thousand cases were reported in just 12 days. Then it took 8 days for one lakh to 1.5 lakh cases and 7 days for 1.5 lakh to two lakh cases. Now 50 infected are being found every five days. For example, it took 5 days for two lakh to 2.5 lakh cases and only 5 days to be 2.5 lakh to three lakh.

More than one and a half lakh people have been cured in the country so far

It is a matter of relief that India's recovery rate is much better than most affected countries. So far out of 3 lakh patients, 1.5 lakh patients have been cured. The recovery rate is 49.34%. Meaning 49 patients out of every 100 are recovering. The UK has the lowest recovery rate. So far, only 0.076% of the two lakh 93 thousand patients have been cured. Russia has the best recovery rate among the list of the four most affected countries. Here patients are recovering at the rate of 51.97%. The US recovery rate is 39.05%.

Recovery rate for countries with more than three lakh infected

Country Recovery rate
Russia 51.97
India 49.34
Brazil 49.23
America 39.05

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