Amritsar Jalandhar (Punjab) Coronavirus Cases / Unlock 1.0 Today Update | Punjab Corona Cases District Wise Latest News; Amritsar Jalandhar Ludhiana Patiala Gurdaspur Hoshiarpur | Irritated crowds are sidelining both the awe and police challans of Corona, the ban has a major impact on the business

  • So far, 2997 people have been infected with the corona in Punjab, after the death of 3 more people on Thursday, the total deaths were also 60.
  • In Tarn Taran, the shutters of the shops get up as early as 7 am and people forget all the rules and reach to do such shopping.
  • Police and administration recovered fine over Rs 30 lakh for breaking lockdown protocol in Ludhiana

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 12:45 PM IST

Ludhiana. So far, 2997 people have been infected with Corona in Punjab. After the death of 3 more people on Thursday, now this figure has also gone up to 60. On the other hand, Friday is the 12th day of the 5th phase of lockdown to beat the fear of this dangerous virus. Various departments are also supporting the public and strictness is also being done as per the need. Despite this, its people are being seen nonchalantly. Whether it is Tarn Taran, whether Ludhiana or other cities, the protocol of Corona lockdown is not followed. Know where things are …

Crowds of buyers gathered early in the morning in the main market of Tarn Taran. However, the administration is also being strict.

In Tarn Taran, the shutters of the shops get up at 7 o'clock in the morning and people forget all the rules and reach to do such shopping. Despite repeated requests by the administration, neither physical distancing is followed nor wears masks. However shopkeepers Baljit Singh, Harjit Singh, Heera Singh, Naridarpal Singh, Sheetal Singh, Sudarshan Kapoor, Meenu Kapoor, Anil Joshi, Ram Lal, Shashi Kapoor said that due to the heat the markets are not getting crowded. The petrol pump at Bohri Chowk has been put on board that petrol will not be given to any driver without wearing a mask. On the other hand, there is a growing crowd of people outside banks and ATMs. Yes, it is a different matter that physical distance is being followed in banks.

Police to distribute massacs to make people aware of not wearing masks in Ajnala.

Challans are being done for those who break the lockdown protocol in Ludhiana-Amritsar
Police and administration have so far recovered more than Rs 30 lakh fine for violations of physical distance, masks and spitting here and there in Ludhiana. There is also a warning to seal shops, yet people are not following the rules. Similarly, challans have been cut to 330 people without wearing masks so far in Ajnala, Ramdas, Rajasansi and Jhander police stations in Ajnala town of Amritsar. Placing posters in public places where people are being made aware. Masks were also distributed to 200 people on the previous day.

DC DC Arvindpal Singh Sandhu and other officials in the meeting held regarding implementation of Mission Fateh at Fazilka District Headquarters.

DC constitutes committee for Mishan Fateh in Fazilka
DC Arvindpal Singh Sandhu constituted the committee for effective implementation of Mission Fateh in Fazilka district and activities at the district level. It includes Additional Assistant Commissioner (General), SSP Office Fazilka, Civil Surgeon Fazilka, District Development and Panchayat Officer Fazilka, Secretary Municipal Corporation Abohar, Executive Officer Fazilka, Executive Officer Jalalabad, Executive Officer Nagar Panchayat Arniwala, District Co-ordinator Nehru Youth Center Fazilka , District Education Officer Secondary and Elementary, District Program Officer Fazilka, Assistant Public Relations Officer. Awareness activities will be conducted under SDM leadership at sub division level.

Civil Surgeon in Gurdaspur giving directions to various officers. Health relation details of every person above 30 years in the district will be collected.

Health related data will be collected from house to house in Gurdaspur district
A meeting of block extension educator and block state cycle assistant and LHV was held under the leadership of civil surgeon Gurdaspur Dr. Kishan Chand in Gurdaspur. The civil surgeon said that the government has started a new app, with which house-to-house monitoring will be done to monitor people's health. During this period, community mobilizer Amandeep Singh trained new app employees. Its purpose is to feed data of BP, sugar, obesity, stroke, kidney and corona related diseases to every person above 30 years of age.

Laundry staff at Faridkot Medical College to fulfill their responsibilities.

The laundry staff of Faridkot Medical College is working with honesty and caution
The laundry team at Medical College Hospital, Faridkot is also washing the clothes of the patients admitted to the corona ward. The workers at work here said that whenever they do their work and go home, they first see the safety of their family members. At present, there is a building in the hospital, where clothes are being washed, but even if the number of patients increases, they are not afraid. A dozen clothes come from the ward every day. They are dipped and washed in a separate machine. Hospital official Balbir Singh said that he was being given masks, sanitizers from the hospital. Work is being done with utmost care.
Corona patient has been with the couple for two days, healthy child of 3 years, civil surgeon wrote to DC
A 3-year-old child of a couple is placed in the Corona ward of Rajindara Hospital in Patiala after an uproar by the couple and other patients. However, the civil surgeon has taken an undertaking in writing that the responsibility of the child is now on the parents. Despite this, the civil surgeon wrote a letter to the director (health), including the deputy commissioner, asking for advice that guidelines should be issued to resolve the issue. So far, no advice has come from the Deputy Commissioner or Director (Health) and the child, who has been found corona negative for two days, is with the parents in the corona ward.

In the last 11 days, thieves carried out more than seven incidents in the city, fighting and fighting started coming up
The crime graph in Pathankot has increased after getting some relief in the lockdown. Now, in the last 11 days, thieves have carried out more than seven incidents in the city. At the same time, after the removal of the police, fights have also started increasing. The police administration has so far failed to resolve these cases. However, in-charge of the police station division number-2, Davindra Prakash said that the police has traced a person who committed these theft incidents. The burglaries in the area are likely to be revealed as soon as the accused are involved.

Workers employed in a hosiery industry unit in Ludhiana.

Hosiery business stalled due to shortage of workers, emphasis on calling workers
Production in hosiery factories came to a standstill due to millions of migrant artisans going home. Counting artisans are working in many factories, while some are closed. Some goods are half made and due to no further artisans, the piece is not ready. In such a situation, the factory owners got the cutting done instead of getting the raw material ready. Meanwhile, many owners are pressurizing their supervisors and contractors to call the artisans from the village.

Building material prices rise, shopkeepers remain idle
The prices of building materials like brick, cement, gravel and sand have gone up by about 20 per cent. In such a situation, the worry of building a house has arisen in front of people. Businessmen are also troubled by this problem. Charanjit Singh Lakki, a big businessman in Jalandhar's Building Material, said that the price of brick was Rs 5000 thousand before the lockdown, which has now risen to 6000. The cement bag found in the 350 has become 385. The sand has increased from five to six rupees cubic feet. Gravel has also increased by four rupees cubic feet. However, the reason for the price increase is not clear. Goods are lying in the shops of traders associated with the trade of barber in Amritsar, but the number of customers is nominal. Rakesh Kumar, the owner of Ramesh Iron Store Loha Mandi and others said that all work related to the building has come to a standstill and the shopkeepers are sitting idle.

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