The military movement across the border intensified, heard the thunder of helicopters from China in three days | Military movement intensified across the border, in three days China heard a roar of helicopters, but nobody saw anything

  • People of Munsiyahi village said that what is making Nepal an issue, China is encouraged behind it.
  • Most of the people of the village also believe that late in the day but Nepal will come on the way

M. Riaz Hashmi

Jun 12, 2020, 05:36 AM IST

Uttarkashi. Tensions have increased in the border areas of Uttarakhand following the escalating dispute with China from Ladakh. In the generally quiet valleys, the Indian Army has increased its activity and preparedness. In the 1962 war, China also targeted these areas. Our first stop is Harshil, 70 km away in Uttarkashi district and Nelang Valley 78 km away. People here say in a sarcastic tongue, “The military movement across the border is fast. Many times in the last three days, there has been a roar of helicopters from China. However, no helicopter has been seen. '

Bagori Village

Here groups of shepherds are grazing sheep in the valleys. The road from here to the China border. The BRO personnel are making a fast road en route to the Nelang Valley. The old man Geeta Devi says, “China has not done any action in the area yet.” Our army is on alert. '

Suresh Ramola explains that in the snowfall in October, people move to the lowlands, which return by the end of May. This time the roads were closed in lockdown, but they returned as soon as they came to know about the tension on the border.

A senior journalist in the area says that Bagori is the last village in the Nelang Valley on the India-China border. The former head of Bagori, Bhawan Singh Rana, says that people also keep an eye on border activities. Report to ITBP on unusual grounds.

People of Munsiyari are confident, Nepal will come on the way later

This border area of ​​Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand is bordered by Tibet on one side and Nepal on the other. Just in front of the four villages is the world famous Panchchuli mountain (five peaks of the Himalayas) of the vast Himalayan mountain range. Tension from China or Nepal is not an issue for people here engaged in agriculture.

The local Pt Dinanath says, 'Why worry about China. In the middle are the Himalayas and the temples of the gods and goddesses on us. ”Suresh Punetha says,“ The thing that Nepal is making an issue is the impetus of China. ”Others agree with Punetha.

Elder Raju argues that ever since the lockdown is in place, the border is closed and in this situation the condition of Nepal's border areas is bad. Most people here believe that late in the day Nepal will come on the way.

Heavy machines sent by helicopter in Johar Valley, road will be speeded up

On the border with China, India has accelerated the construction of strategically important roads. In this direction, heavy machines have been landed by helicopter in the difficult area of ​​Himalayas of Jauhar valley of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand. Bimal Goswami, Chief Engineer, Border Roads Organization (BRO), said that despite several attempts last year, there was no success in delivering heavy machinery.

According to Goswami, LASPA lacked mountain cutting equipment, disrupting the 65-km stretch of the route. Here the mountain is straight in a part of 22 km. Now after the heavy equipment arrived by helicopter, the work of building the road from Milam to Munsiyari on the Indo-China border will speed up.

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