Indore News in Hindi: Indore Coronavirus News Updates; Corona Patient Family Member Create Ruckus in MTH COVID Hospital | In MTH Kovid Hospital, the family members of the patient created a ruckus, if the body of the brother was not found, then the sister stood at the gate, mobile stolen from the corpse

  • Family Belle- 15 days ago had called to do plasma therapy, now saying the patient himself went somewhere
  • After the death of Corona-infected husband, the wife lodged a complaint at the police station after not receiving the mobile and other goods.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 08:10 PM IST

Indore. Angry at the arrangements at the MTH Kovid Hospital, the family created a ruckus at the hospital gate on Friday for more than three hours. Family members allege that his brother died, but no one from the hospital is ready to deliver the body. At the same time, another family alleged that our patient disappeared from the hospital two days ago. When we complained to the CM-Helpline, then I got a call from the hospital and told that the patient has gone somewhere. On the other hand, an embarrassing incident also came to light, where a corona-infected deceased's mobile and belongings have been stolen.

After coming here, health deteriorated, now even the dead body is not giving
The sister who arrived to take the body of the brother said that the brother was admitted seven days ago. The condition was good when he came. After coming here, the health continued to deteriorate. When we started to go to another hospital, I wrote that we are taking them at will. Standing at the gate since morning, these people are not even reporting. My brother was lying in the toilet. It is not yet known whether the corona investigation report is positive or negative. The doctors are not ready to talk. Now saying that the brother has died.

Complained in CM help line, then said – the patient took the car and left
My 60-year-old maternal uncle living in Pardeshipura, whose mental condition is not well, has been admitted here since 14 May. These people discharged our patient without informing us. If we did not get any information about the patient, we complained to the CM Help Line. Then at 2 o'clock I received a call that your patient had run away. Then after some time he said that he himself has gone somewhere by car, whereas till today he never rode a bicycle. They told us they are positive, but never reported. We had a call 15 days ago to do plasma therapy. We have been standing since morning. Gates are not opening. The doctors are not coming to talk.
Mobile phone stolen from zombies
Another embarrassing incident has come to light in the hospital. After the death of the patients, his mobile and other belongings have been stolen. When the family arrived to collect the goods, they were postponed by making some excuse. No one knows who stole the goods. After exhausting, the wife of the deceased has complained to the police.

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