Indore News in Hindi: Bike Thieves in Indore; Madhya Pradesh Police Arrested Five Criminals | Seeing the checking, the young man ran away from the stolen bike, the soldiers caught and found five stolen vehicles, the thief turned for fun

  • The accused had run away after seeing Annapurna police, many crimes are registered against him, police collecting information about stolen vehicles

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 07:32 PM IST

Indore. The Annapurna police team was checking on Thursday night, when a youth left the bike and ran away. The next day the soldiers were caught believing there was a big reveal of the theft. According to Annapurna TI Satish Dwivedi, the thief Ravi (24), father Devendra Singh Thakur is a resident of Ghanshyam Das Nagar. He is apprehended by the chief constables Kamlesh Dabur, constables Jogesh Laskari, Dharmendra and Sunil.

TI said that during checking on Thursday, when a young man left his bike and ran away, there was doubt. Tracing the number, it was found that the vehicle was stolen, but the fleeing accused could not be found. Then the soldiers gathered information about the stolen bike, then their informants told that this bike runs Ravi. A siege caught him on Friday. Five more stolen bikes have been recovered from the accused. The accused is addicted to drugs, stealing his bikes and stealing bikes for fun. He used to do this work alone, there are crimes against him in the past.

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