Lightning Strike in Madhya Pradesh Today Update | 10-Year-Old Child Including 5 Death Today as Lightning Strike in Madhya Pradesh Anuppur District | 5 people, including a 10-year-old child, died due to lightning in different places in Anuppur

  • Electricity fell at three places in the district, three people standing on the farm are among those who died.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 06:37 PM IST

Anuppur Suddenly the weather changed in the Phunaga outpost area of ​​Anuppur on Thursday afternoon, causing cloudy and light rain. During this period, five people died at three places due to lightning. According to the information, the first incident is of Tedgitola village of Kadamtola gram panchayat. While the woman Pramila Mahara husband Baburam Mahara (40) was sowing mangoes from a mango tree planted in the house fence, a loud sound of lightning struck and lightning fell, killing the woman on the spot.

Police reached the village on Friday after the death of lightning, and took information from the villagers about the dead.

At the same time, the second incident is that of village Badi Mauhari of Deori, where three people were present in the barn of Jagannath Singh. Here, lightning strikes, which led to Shyama Bai's husband Motilal alias Nathu Singh God (19), Krishnapal Singh's father Jagannath Singh (10), and died on the spot. At the same time, Pushpala Devi's father Rajkumar Panika (21) was seriously injured, who was sent to the hospital for treatment, but died on the way.

Her mother mourns in front of the corpse of her 10-year-old child.

Electricity fell while fertilizing the field, death
Information has been received about the third incident that Dhanpat father Mandhari Pav (32), a laborer, who is applying manure in the field of Benchu ​​Singh Godh, 1 km from village Badi Mauhari, died in village Rajbandh Keshwahi district Shahdol, where he was struck by lightning. Has died When the police came to know about the incident, the police reached the spot. The bodies of all have been sent for postmortem.

He died due to lightning

(1) Pramila Singh husband Baburam 40 years
(2) Shyam Bai Pati Motilal 19 years
(3) Krishnapala father Jagannath age 10 years
(4) Flower creeper father prince 21 years
(5) Dalpat Singh Pitambar Dhari Singh 32 years

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