Indore News in Hindi: Indore Nagar Nigam / Coronavirus Update; Fine Rs 100 For Not Wearing Masks And Not Follow Social Distancing In Madhya Pradesh Indore | Riding on the bike, without masks and special distancing, the corporation deducted 100 rupees challan

  • Corporation collectively took action against more than a dozen people for not following the law at Collectorate Crossroads

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 06:06 PM IST

Indore. In Unlock-1, the administration has slowly started the process of opening the city. The curfew has also been relaxed. As soon as the discount is given, people start forgetting the corona again and work on the road. Many people are also not following the protocol issued about Carona. The administration and corporation have now started taking action against such people. In this episode, those who did not follow the law on Friday were sentenced to challah.

The young man had a mask but did not put it. Put a mask on the stop, but had to pay 100 rupees.

Following the collector's order, the corporation's team cut off the invoices of more than a dozen people at the collectorate intersection in the morning. These included people who were going for two or three rides on the bike. During this time, he did not even put on a mask. Apart from this, many people were also caught blowing up social distancing. The corporation's team fined everyone Rs 100-100. During this period, further rules were also explained to be followed. The corporation's team has started the process of recovering more than 500 spot fines for the last three days. This number will be further increased. Directorate Pratibha Pal has issued instructions in this regard.

On taking three rides, challan of 100 rupees was deducted and allowed to go after explanation.

He said that the time of June is very important for the whole city. People who are negligent in this can become a danger to themselves as well as others. It is very important to deal with such people strictly. The team of the corporation is constantly taking action, yet people are not following social distancing, crowding and at the same time talking or moving around by putting masks down. To take strict action against such people, the corporation will take announcements in the entire area from 10 am to 12.30 am, along with announcing the entire area and take action against the people. After this, the team of Removal will be engaged in this work from 12.30 pm and this action will be taken by 5 pm. After this, the CSI team will take this action from 5 pm.

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