Indore News in Hindi: Shivraj Singh Chauhan Audio Viral Clip Update; Several leaders arrested, including Congress President Vinay Bakaliwal in Indore | Many activists, including city Congress president arrested for demonstrating without permission, shouted slogans even outside the jail

  • Congress on the road against BJP accusing Kamal Nath government of plotting
  • City Congress President Vinay Bakaliwal was also sent to the District Jail for arrest for demonstrating without permission.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 05:46 PM IST

Indore. Chanting on the alleged audio of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is not taking the name of the threat. On Friday, the Congress took to the streets in protest. When there was no permission, the administration prevented them from demonstrating and there was a ruckus on the road itself. Congress and administration went face to face. Congressmen were adamant on demonstrating, but the administration did not allow them to do so. Angry Congressmen started shouting slogans against the administration and the Chief Minister and started sitting on the road. The police arrested him and sent him to the district jail after he refused to comply with the explanation.

Congress leader Devendra Yadav arguing with the police.

This is the case
The Congress alleges that during the recent stay in Indore, the Chief Minister had held a meeting of the public representatives of the evening on Residency Kothi. In the meeting, he said that at the behest of the central government, the Kamal Nath government of MP has been dropped. In this he was supported by Jyotiraditya Scindia and Minister Tulsi Silavat. The Congress also held a press conference regarding this. During this, he also released an audio of the Chief Minister. Due to this, the Congress, enraged, reached the Collectorate at around 11 am and demonstrated. Congressmen, who arrived here under the leadership of city Congress president Vinay Bakaliwal, shouted slogans. The administration explained, but the matter was not calm, the police arrested 30 to 35 people including Bakliwal. All were sent to the District Jail in Azad Nagar. Congressmen also created a ruckus in the temporary jail here.

Bakaliwal argued fiercely with the police-administration.

Plunged elected government under conspiracy
City Congress President Vinay Bakliwal said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan himself came to Indore city and said that the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh has been toppled at the behest of the Center. Everyone has its audio and video. The Kamal Nath government was elected by the public, a majority government, which was dropped under the conspiracy. We asked for permission on Thursday, but we were not allowed. At the same time, the BJP was given the permission to conduct the intersection program on Thursday. Permission of five was given, but 100 people were gathering at the squares and distributing masks, but no action was taken on them. Two hundred and fifty people arrive at the police station and besiege them, they did not take any action. The Chief Minister himself confessed that the government was toppled. We were just giving memorandum, that too we were not allowed to give. This is the killing of democracy.

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