Ratlam News In Hindi: The bells stopped ringing; Mandsaur philanthropist Naharu Khan made a censored bell; An echo is heard in the Pashupatinath temple | Bells stopped ringing in the temple; Naresh Khan, a social worker from Mandsaur, made a censored bell; An echo is heard in the Pashupatinath temple

  • Pashupatinath Temple of Mandsaur: Roller plays bell on sensor
  • Success achieved after 3 days of hard work, bells ringing on face

Gaurav Tripathi

Jun 13, 2020, 05:15 AM IST

Mandsaur In Unlock-1, temples across the country have been opened since June 8, but the infection has not spread so the ringing of the bell is banned. Mandsaur philanthropist Naharu Khan felt a pain in his mind that the azaan was heard from the mosques, but the bell was not echoing in the temple. At this Naharu started work on ringing the bell with the censor. After 3 days of hard work, such a sensor was installed in the Pashupatinath temple, under which the bell starts ringing automatically on showing hands and face.

Pashupatinath Temple at Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh is perhaps the first such temple in the country where bells are ringing with censors. From June 8 to Friday evening, 3824 devotees reached the temple and saw the Lord. Every devotee is being entered before entering here.

No need to touch

There is a roller in the middle of a road and a sensor at the bottom. On showing the hand or face below, it starts to rotate the roller inside the road. The bell is tied to a roller. The sensor roller draws and releases the rope. This rings the bell without hands.

Ajan in mosques, why not a bell in the temple
Naharu Khan, a philanthropist in the city, says that the sound of Ajan started coming from mosques, but the bells were not being heard from temples. When machined molds can be made, censored bells can also be made.

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