Columnist News in Hindi: Yogendra Yadav's column: Corona figures are being pressed, the situation is worse; Central and state governments are eager to expose this frightening truth. | Corona figures are being suppressed, conditions are much worse; Central and state governments are eager to expose this frightening truth.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 05:06 AM IST

'Hide a million will not hide, the secret is so deep'. The song opens up all governments in the midst of the Corona crisis. Corona's crisis has increased, it is not enough for governments to deal with it. So now the governments and their court experts are busy suppressing the figures.

Let us start with the official figures. We are on the figures of about 3 lakh positive cases. The number is doubling every 16 days. That is, by August 15, the figure will reach between 40 and 50 lakhs. Even if the pace is slow, the figure may cross two crore in October. But the truth is even more frightening than government figures.

Many people who came under the wraps of Corona could not get the test done due to fear or because of the government system. The Indian Scientist Response to Kovid-19 (INDSCICOV), a group of leading scientists of the country, believes that in fact positive cases in the country are twenty or thirty times more than the government figures. That is, the number of positive cases in the country will be close to one crore.

Now the government has also accepted this truth unintentionally. According to a serological survey conducted nationwide by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the corona had spread to 0.73% of people by April 30, outside the areas with corona hotspots.

In terms of population, it means that by the end of April, 97 lakh people had been infected. Currently, figures for hotspot cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore have not been released. But unconfirmed data of this survey has shown that 15–30% infection has spread in these cities.

Even if 15% were to be believed, by the end of April 7.5 million people had been infected in the hotspot cities. Adding to the data of both general and hotspot areas, 1.72 crore people were infected in the country before the month of May began. Since then, the infection has increased more than eight times in the last month and a half.

If we consider the increase accordingly, then by now around 150 million people in the country would have been infected. I believe that the assessment of ICMR is more than reality. If I have to guess, I would say that the number of people suffering from Corona virus in the country is between 6 to 9 million now, most of whom are not aware that they are the victims of this infection.

In our country, Corona is not as deadly as in the rest of the world. Now government and court experts are using this figure. The truth is that there is nothing amazing about the government in this. Either the species of corona that we have here is less lethal, or our heat is being defended due to BCG vaccines or chump-stone digestive power.

So far, less than 3% of deaths have been reported in infected patients according to official figures. In fact, the number of people infected will be less than 1%. Yet, considering the country's population, it is not a small number. If preventive measures are not taken, the death toll from Corona this year could reach several lakhs.

Central and state governments are eager to cover up this frightening truth. Tests are being reduced only because the number of patients is less. In cities like Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad, even death statistics have been found to be hidden.

When all other arguments fail, the last arrow is taken out of the quiver and it is said that the situation would have been worse if the lockdown had not happened. This argument is misleading. According to the group of scientists INDSCICOV, between 8 and 32 thousand deaths were avoided due to all stages of lockdown.

It is important to remember here that the lockdown does not save Yamraj, only postpones his arrival. Hence the claim that the lockdown saved thousands of lives. The lockdown only prolonged us so that we could prepare to save thousands of lives.

(These are the author's own views)

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