Facebook's privacy policy is not going to change from tomorrow, 8 year old fake message is going viral again, Facebook itself called it scam | Facebook's privacy policy is not changing since June 13, 8 years old fake messages are getting viral by some users

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 06:00 AM IST

What viral: A post is being made viral on Facebook with the claim that Facebook is changing its privacy policy from Saturday, June 13. With a message in the viral post, it has been warned that if users do not copy this written message and post it on their wall, then they may face legal difficulties.

Users who shared the post




Viral message has Hindi translation

Do not forget that amid the Confusion of Kovid 19, Facebook is going to introduce a new rule tomorrow. Our photographs can be used under this. They can be used in lawsuits against us. Nowadays what we post becomes public. Even deleted messages. So it is better to copy-paste this message on your wall than regret later.

“I do not allow Facebook to use my photos, notifications, messages or posts, neither from the past nor in the future.” I inform Facebook that it is strictly prohibited to use this profile / or its content against me. The content in this profile is private and contains my confidential information. Violations of my personal life can be punished by law.

Note: “Facebook” is now a public institution. All members should post a note in this way.

If you wish, you can keep a copy of this post with you. If you do not post a statement at least once, you will be allowed to use your photos silently. Not “share”, but “copy + paste”.

Fact check investigation

Even after searching on Google with different keywords, we did not find any such news, which confirms that Facebook is going to change its privacy policy. We could not find any such statement issued by Facebook.

– After searching the message on Facebook itself, it was found that this post has gone viral many times. In 2012, Facebook also denied it. The newsroom section of Facebook has a statement dated November 27, 2012. In which Facebook has declared such viral messages as a rumor.

Facebook has a section called Help Community. Where users can ask questions. The Facebook team answers these questions. Here a user has asked a question related to this viral message. In response, the Facebook team has advised to report this message as scam.

Conclusion: The message going viral is just a rumor. Facebook is not going to change its privacy policy. Facebook itself has misquoted this post.

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