Brian Cassey's photo of Cairns burns survivor Carol Mayer shortlisted in Portrait of Humanity | Even after 85% burns, Carol's photos will be displayed in the exhibition space, 200 photos will be sent on an endless journey

  • Photos of Bern Survivor Carol Mayer selected for Portrait of Humanity 2020 Contest
  • Carol is still alive and happy after burning 85% of a 2000 home fire in Australia

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 05:58 AM IST

This is 53-year-old Carol Mayer from Australia. Seeing these photos at first sight, you can get distracted for a moment, but you should watch these photos carefully because they will be exhibited in space in September. These photographs have been selected for the Portrait of Humanity 2020 Contest, which aims to convey the message of peace and unity on behalf of mankind to the entire Universe.

200 photos will travel from earth to infinity

This Contest of the Best Photos Around the World is organized by the 1854 Media Company, the publisher of the 'Portrait of Humanity' British Journal of Photography. Its nomination started in October last year which lasted till 21 January 2020. Now in September 2020, these 200 photos will be displayed through a screen in the stratosphere above the earth and then encoded in binary digits and sent to remote space.

Photos in binary code will reach alien civilization

Organizers say that these pictures will be converted into numbers and sent “a message of peace and unity from mankind to the infinite ends”. This message will go on an infinite journey, until an alien civilization finds it and decodes it.

Carol's story in the photo: Carol's life in Cairns, Strelia, changed her life when a house caught fire in 2000 and 85 percent of her body burned. In 2011, award-winning photographer Bryan Cassie met Carol in connection with a story. After a long conversation, the news was published in the newspaper.
Photographer Bryan inspires Carol to regain her confidence. Carol then recounted the story of the 2000 incident at the home in Cairns. Carol shared with photographer Bryan the experience of recovering from the pain and aftermath of an almost full body burn and how she then faced the world and the situation.
Brian says I was completely shaken after that interview. I wanted to take several photos of him but could not understand how to tell Carol. Currently, after 5 years, 2016 agreed to meet Carol and I gave her the idea to get her photographed. Her 'Miss Mayer, The Skin I Am In' series photos published in the newspaper won many awards.
According to Bryan, Carol was quite nervous before the photoshoot because the photo had to show traces of wounds that a bad incident had given 16 years earlier. The photos chosen to be sent to space were taken at the same home in Mayer's Cairns, and he had a sore face while shooting the photo, but the confidence was more than that. Initially, but she was extremely positive about her body and was nervous about exposing a lot.
After a few photos Carol became normal and said, you can see my body marks and show them to the world. Bryan says, “I thought, 'No, this is what it really is. It's a beautiful, beautiful person wrapped in a black and white color. And I am the same, and I admit to doing it straight away.' have done.” In this photo Carol is with her son Jack, who was just 2 years old at the time of the incident.
Carol says that I was badly burned in that incident. Doctors said that the chance of survival is 50 percent. During treatment, 4 months passed, seeing his own face. When I saw my face in the mirror, I was shaken because it had deteriorated badly. Many fingers were also burnt. My age at that time was only 33 years and today when I think about that incident after 20 years, I am shivering.
My story touched the hearts of many people, says Carol, the Burn Survivor. I have been made the brand ambassador of Julian Burton Burn Trust so that I can meet people like me and instill confidence in them to live, especially women. Photographer Bryan says on his success that “I'm really happy with it. I have no regrets and I'll do it all over again. You're always trying to find something in a photo that's meaningful and different and maybe , Could also make a difference from the rest. “

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