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  • So far, 4 lakh 28 thousand 210 people died in the world, while more than 39.25 lakh were cured
  • More than 21.16 lakh infected in America, 1 lakh 16 thousand 825 people died

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 08:07 AM IST

Washington. So far, 4 lakh 28 thousand 210 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. The figure of infected has reached 77 lakh 31 thousand 673. So far, 39 lakh 25 thousand 273 people have become healthy. Trouble continues for Brazil. Now this country has overtaken Britain in terms of deaths. Brazil ranks second in the world in terms of deaths after infection. 41 thousand 901 people have died here. In Britain, this figure is 41 thousand 481. America ranks first in the highest number of infections and deaths.

Coronavirus: 10 most affected countries

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 21,16,922 1,16,825 8,41,934
Brazil 8,29,902 41,901 3,96,692
Russia 5,11,423 6,715 2,69,370
India 3,09,603 8,890 1,54,231
Britain 2,92,950 41,481 Not available
Spain 2,90,289 27,136 Not available
Italy 2,36,305 34,223 1,73,085
Peru 2,20,749 6,308 1,07,133
Germany 1,87,251 8,863 1,71,600
Iran 1,82,525 8,659 1,44,649

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Brazil: people dying
In Brazil, the death toll on Friday night was 41 thousand 901. With this, Brazil overtook Britain in the case of deaths. The number of deaths in Britain during the same period was 41 thousand 481. After hiding the data for several days, the Brazilian government has now started giving updates. On Friday, 843 more infected died here. Brazil was second only to the US in terms of infection.

France: Travel will be allowed in Europe
The French government is going to lift some travel restrictions from 15 June. Information was given here by Home Minister Christophe Kastner. Traffic will now be possible from the European Union. People will also be able to travel from Andorra, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. Quarantine restrictions will also not apply to those coming from these countries. Strict restrictions for Spain and Britain will continue for the present. Those coming from Spain will have to stay in Quarantine for 14 days.

Students attending class at a training center in France. After about three months, France is opening its borders to some countries of Europe from 15 June.

America: Threatened by protests
The number of people who died of infection in America has exceeded one lakh 14 thousand. According to John Hopkins University, 9618 cases were reported here on Friday. During this time, 308 people died. Media reports say that the risk of infection in the US has increased due to demonstrations after the death of black civilian George Floyd. However, no information has been provided by the government so far.

WHO: Feeding does not threaten baby
The WHO has stated that there is no risk of infection from breast feeding. Therefore, those women who are infected can breastfeed the baby. WHO Chief Dr. Tedros Gabriess said on Friday, “Feeding the child should be provided even if infected with Covid-19 or suspected of infection. As long as the mother is not very sick, the child should not be separated from it. ”

America: Ban may be imposed again
Sanctions may once again be imposed in the wake of increasing cases in the US. Health Ministry officer Jay Butler said on Friday, “If the Corona case continues to grow in the same way, then the same measures can be taken to prevent it.” We have not reached any conclusion yet, but the options are open. ” Both Butler and CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield have advised the American people to keep at least six feet of social distancing and wear masks.

A US Health Ministry official said on Friday that if the country has the same rate of infection, then strict restrictions imposed in March can be imposed again. The photo is of a Miami highway. Health workers are investigating people here. (File)

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