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  • 8890 deaths due to corona infection in the country so far, Maharashtra has the highest number of 3717 people
  • Maharashtra is the first in the country with one lakh infected and p. Bengal becomes the 8th state in the country with 10 thousand patients

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 08:25 AM IST

new Delhi. The number of corona infected in the country has increased to 3 lakh 9 thousand 603. On Friday, the maximum number of 11 thousand 314 patients increased and 388 people died on a single day. These figures are according to On the other hand, the number of patients recovering is also increasing. Yesterday, 7259 patients recovered. Earlier on May 29, the maximum 11 thousand 736 patients were cured.

Recover case more than 5 days continuously active case

The date Active case Recovery case
12 June 3667 7259
11 June 4690 6044
10 June 4523 6275
9 June 4075 5634
8 June 3092 5711
7 June 5430 5191

On the other hand, Maharashtra became the first state in the country with 1 lakh infected. West Bengal became the 8th state in the country with 10 thousand patients. Delhi had the highest number of 2123 positive reports in a single day. The number of patients in Tamil Nadu has crossed 40 thousand.

5 days when the highest number of cases occurred

The date The case
12 June 11314
11 June 11128
10 June 11156
9 June 9979
7 June 10882

State of 5 states
Madhya Pradesh: On Friday, 202 new cases were reported and 9 patients died. The number of infected in the state has gone up to 10 thousand 443, out of which 2802 are active cases. There have been 440 deaths so far. The government announced to open the entire city in Bhopal five days a week. Here the city will be completely closed except for shops of essential things on Saturday-Sunday.

This picture is from Bhopal. High secondary examinations are going on here. As a precaution, the shoes and sandals of all the students outside the class were taken off.

Uttar Pradesh: Here On Friday, 528 cases of corona were reported and 20 died. Noida saw the highest number of 95 patients a day. The number of infected in Saharanpur district has increased to 270. The number of infected in the state has increased to 12 thousand 616, out of which 4642 are active cases. So far 365 people have died.

Maharashtra: On Friday, 3493 cases of corona were found and 127 patients died. More than 55 thousand infected have been found in Mumbai. NCP leader and cabinet minister Dhananjay Munde was found positive. The number of patients in the state has increased to 1 lakh 1 thousand 141, out of which 49 thousand 628 are active cases. 3717 have lost their lives so far.

This picture is from Mumbai. One person died from the infection. His relatives performed the last rites at the cemetery. 61 people died on Friday in Mumbai.

Rajasthan: On Friday, 230 new patients appeared and 7 died. 47 patients were found in Sirohi, 32 in Alwar, 29-29 in Jaipur and Jodhpur. The number of infected in the state has now increased to 12 thousand 68, out of which 2785 are active cases. So far 272 people have died.

Bihar: On Friday, there were 148 cases of corona and 1 death. The number of infected in the state has been 6096, out of which 2745 are active cases. 35 people have lost their lives by now. There are a total of 325 containermen zones in Bihar. At the same time, 34 containermen zones were changed to green zones.

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