Anuj Dubey Lieutenant Colonel | Passing Out Parade (POP) Indian Military Academy (IMA) Latest News Updates on Bhopal Anuj Dubey | Earlier there was a distance of 0.5 meters between the two cadets, this time it will be 2 meters, there will be gloves in the hand and mask on the face.

  • Anuj of Bhopal to be Lieutenant, will go to Siachen, world's highest battleground on first posting
  • A year ago, Anuj's brother Ankur Dubey joined the army, parents will not be able to participate in the passing out parade for the first time.

Sumit Pandey

Sumit Pandey

Jun 13, 2020, 05:53 AM IST

Bhopal. 'Because of the corona virus, we were all wondering whether the passing out parade would take place or not, but later the army decided that the passing out parade would be conducted cautiously with the Kovid-19. We were told that the live streaming of the parade would be done on DD National and YouTube channels. During this extra care will be taken. This is to say Anuj Dubey of Bhopal, who will become a lieutenant in the Indian Army after a year's hard training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA). He will participate in IMA's passing out parade on Saturday, 13 June.

He told over the phone, 'The first 10 groups were formed for the parade and there was a distance of 0.5 meters between the two cadets, but this time the distance between the two cadets would be 2 meters. Each cadet will have a face mask and globs in his hands. The group has also been reduced to 8. ' This will be the first time in the 87-year history of the IMA that their parents will not be able to participate in this cadet parade.

Anuj said – glad that mother will be able to see me on TV

Talking to Bhaskar, Anuj said, 'For four years I was waiting for the moment that mother would come and put two stars on my shoulders in army uniform. Now this dream will not be fulfilled, but I am happy that my mother will be able to see me live on TV with the family in the passing out parade.

Anuj Dubey was selected from UPSC for NDA Kharagwasla. The photo is of the Convocation held last year. When Anuj completed the 3-year course. Then his parents also went there.

Anuj said, 'Mother and father will not be able to come, it is a bit harsh, but our officers and madam will be hanging stars on our shoulders. It is also our second family away from home. The mother will not be able to come due to corona virus. But it is good to have a mother at home right now. He is safe. Will be able to watch me on TV with Papa, Bhabhi and Bhaiya. '

Proud opportunity for Bhopal
Anuj Dubey of Bhopal will become a lieutenant in the Artillery Regiment of the Army after this parade. It is a matter of pride for Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh that the Dubey family living in Gulmohar Colony has given two officers to the army in a year. Aditya, son of Anupam and Manju Dubey's son Anuj, first Abhilash Dubey, has also become lieutenant in the Army's Artillery Regiments. He is currently posted in Sikkim.

Anuj Dubey, along with his cousin Aditya Dubey and mother. Aditya (second from left) is also a lieutenant in the Artillery Regiment and currently posted in Sikkim.

'I am living my own dream and brother'
Anuj Dubey, who became a lieutenant in the army since Saturday, had a passion for the Army from the beginning. The biggest contributor to this was his brother Ankur Dubey. Anuj says, 'Bhaiyya is very fond of the army and we used to watch movies related to the army together, have seen films like Border, LoC many times. He often used to tell me, you have to become an officer in the army. From there I became obsessed with joining the army.

Anuj further says, 'Then I started to get information about becoming an officer in the army, I came to know about IMA of Dehradun. I got selected from UPSC for NDA, Kharagwasla (Maharashtra). I had my SSB test in Mussoorie and I was selected. The National Defense Academy remained at Kharagwasla (NDA) for three years. Here simultaneously completed army training and graduation in computer science. After this, Dehradun IMA was sent for one year.

Anuj with his mother Anju Dubey and elder brother Ankur Dubey. Anuj calls his elder brother his inspiration.

Getting a deployment in Siachen is like a dream come true
Anuj is being posted directly to Siachen within 24 hours of the passing out parade. Anuj said, 'The first posting in Siachen is like a dream come true for him. From childhood I was hearing that army is deployed in Siachen. I used to go to Google and get information about Sichchin. Now I am getting a posting in the same dream place. I am very excited about it.

How will we align with the world's highest area and temperature in the minus area? In response to this question, Anuj says, 'We are prepared physically and mentally during training, then after going there we are molded in that environment for a week. I hope that I will get into that environment very soon and then snow will be put on duty at high altitude.

Mother had prepared Gujiya and Khurme
Anuj's mother Anju Dubey is also disappointed that she will not be able to participate in the son's passing out parade, but will see her on TV, too. Anju Dubey told us, 'Anuj came home in January, after that we were going to meet him on Holi in March, but could not leave due to Corona virus and then there was lockdown. We thought the lockdown would open and be able to go to the passout parade. But even this could not happen. Anuj is fond of food and clothes. So I made his favorite Gujhiya and Khurme. Today there is talk. Earlier I used to explain, he used to listen. Now I worry, then mother says don't worry, I am there. '

Anuj Dubey at a leisure time with brother Aditya Dubey and his mother. Both brothers are also good friends and the photo is from Kharagwasla, where both have spent nearly two years together.

Coronavirus changed the way
Normally officers are given 15-20 days leave after passing out parade in the army, so that they can meet their family. After this, he was sent on duty, but due to corona virus, this time around 400 cadets who are being passed out from IMA are being given deployment within 24 hours of becoming an officer.

Anuj said that the lockdown has been opened in some states, but there is still a lockdown in some places. Some officers are discharged and some are not. This does not go well, so everyone is posting together. The Army believes that we are here in a safe environment and will be safe even after posting. Traveling after vacation is not safe.

Kovid changed the way army training
Anuj said, “The training pattern at IMA has changed since the lockdown was announced. Since March, we have been mandated to keep masks and sanitizers together at all times when we get out of the room. After this, when we came for physical training in the field, touching anything was banned.

We only got ourselves run, pushups and other exercises. In this too, distance had to be maintained. However, there was a problem with the coordination during this period. Along with this, the group studies in the rooms were also stopped. Groups of 20-30 cadets were formed in place of 60-70 and the rest had to be studied in their building.

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