Bhusawal (Maharashtra) Coronavirus News Update | Victim Family Says Her Mother Death In Jalgaon Civil Hospital Bathrooms | Corona positive mother was not treated for 11 days, grandmother remained in hospital bathroom for 9 days, found dead body

  • On the night of May 30, the mother went to the bathroom, fell down there, lay unconscious in the bathroom for two hours, upon regaining consciousness she rose herself and reached her bed.
  • On June 2, I received a call from the hospital that my grandmother is not in bed, filed a police report, on May 10, she said – Grandma's body was found in the bathroom.

Akshay Bajpai

Akshay Bajpai

Jun 13, 2020, 05:53 AM IST

new Delhi. Maharashtra is the most affected state of Corona in the country. In the same Jalgaon district, two members of a family have died from Corona. But the story is not just that. The cause of death is more hospital negligence than Corona. The two members who are talking here are Harshal Nehte's mother and grandmother.

In Harshal's own words, his whole point-

Harshal Nehte lives in Pune with his wife for the last eight years. He works in a private company.

I live in Pune with my wife. The wife is nine months pregnant. Father, mother and grandmother lived in Bhusawal. Papa retired from the railway two years ago. He was a driver in the railway. After retiring from Bhutawal to Itarsi. Coronavirus ruined my entire family in just 20 days. I do not understand that the mother and grandmother, who were talking to me till 10 days ago, have now left this world.

On May 18, Papa felt too much weakness. When he called me and told me, I asked him to show me in the hospital. On that day no hospital of Bhusaval was opened, then father went to the private hospital in Jalgaon.
He scanned Papa's city. When the report understood something wrong, the doctor said that you do corona test in civil hospital. Papa was tested on 20 May and found out that he had a corona infection.
After this, the administration team reached my house and took the maternal grandmother to the quarantine center set up in a school in Bhusaval. After going there, both of them got corona test. On May 22, both of them also came positive. But treatment did not start until 27 May. It was said at the Quarantine Center that if we see any symptoms, we will send them to the hospital. Just rest here
On 28, the grandmother's health worsened, then both of them were admitted from the Quarantine Center to the Railway Hospital. Even after three days of coming here, no treatment started. My mother was 60 years old and grandmother's 80 years.

Harshal's mother Tila Nehte was 60 years old and completely healthy. The negligence of the hospital killed him.

On the night of May 30, mother went to the bathroom and fell there. She lay unconscious in the bathroom for two hours. But no one came to know. Then, on regaining consciousness, she got up on her own and reached her bed. He told me this on the phone.

On May 31, I was calling Mummy continuously, but she was not picking up the phone, so I worried. Then I called the hospital and told that yesterday she had fallen in the bathroom and is not picking up the phone yet.

After this, the hospital staff researched them and then they were found lying in the bathroom. He was left in a bed in a wheelchair. When his condition was very bad, the staff called the doctor. When the doctors came, they said that they are very serious, so they are referring them to the civil hospital. When the staff took them there, it was found that not a single ICU bed is empty. He was placed outside the ICU ward.

This is the bathroom of the Civil Hospital, where Malti Nehte stayed for 9 days and no one came to know.

He died at half past one in the night. I did not know. But the next day when the police reached our Bhusawal house, they told this to the neighbors. After this, the neighbors called me and told me. The hospital staff performed the last rites of the mother.

Mummy used to do two hours of yoga despite being 60 years old. He did not have any particular problem but he could not start his treatment even after 11 days after being admitted, probably due to which he died.

On June 1, I called the civil hospital and asked about the grandmother, and it turned out that her condition is also serious. The doctor said, he is placed in the corona suspect ward. I said but they are Corona positive, then why have they been placed in the corona suspect ward, then the answer was that it was not clear in the report that came from Bhusaval whether he was positive or not. Immediately after I spoke Grandma shifted to Corona ward.

Harshal said that her grandmother and mother were corona positive, yet treatment did not start for a week.

On June 2, the doctor said that your patient is not in bed. Throughout the day, grandmother was not known anywhere. He then lodged a missing report with the police at 8 in the night. We kept wondering through the night where Grandmother would be but could not do anything other than put the phone, as I was in Pune with my pregnant wife.

On June 3, when he called the doctor, he told that grandmother had been found and shifted her to the number seven to nine ward. On June 4, we received no response on the phone. Talking on the evening of June 5, it was found that Grandma had not been found. The doctor said that she had got into a confusion. Then I filed a missing report with the local police. Although the police did nothing, the grandmother was not found anywhere till 10 June. On June 10, at half past ten in the morning, I got a call from the hospital. He told that your grandmother has been found, but she is no longer alive. He told that, she was in the washroom of the hospital but no one went there and it was not known. When the stinkers opened the gate, the grandmother's body was found.

This is the Civil Hospital of Jalgaon. Five responsibilities, including the dean, were suspended after the case surfaced.

Due to this, the media had gathered. The police had reached. Hence the last rites were performed by the administration quickly. No member of my family could see the mother or grandmother for the last time. Papa's report came negative on 1 June. He is at Didi's house in Nashik. Are now completely broken. After retiring, he wanted to spend time with his mother. Wanted to rotate them but all dreams were shattered in a moment.

Police and officers gathered after the body was found in the bathroom. Media was also gathered.

My wife is nine months pregnant. If I had gone to Jalgaon, delivery could have come at any time here. Now I want to say that my family was ruined, but those who have been negligent must be punished. Five officers including Dean Dr BS Khaire have been suspended in this case.

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