Coronavirus' slow mutation will make vaccines more effective: Only 24 strains have emerged – and a single shot may protect against them all for YEARS, scientists say | The coronavirus mutation was weak, the scientist said – now if the vaccine is made then one dose will protect it from infection for years

  • According to experts, due to the slow pace of mutation in the virus, its RNA can be better understood.
  • The vaccine produced during this time will prove to be effective on both new and old coronaviruses.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 05:53 AM IST

The rate of mutation of coronaviruses has slowed down, so now a better vaccine can be prepared. So far 24 forms of corona (strain) have been revealed. Many experts of the world say that if the vaccine is ready at this time, then one dose of it will protect humans from infection for many years.

Researchers at John Hopkins University have studied more than 20 thousand corona samples from around the world. This study found that the spike protein, considered to be the biggest weapon of this virus, is not changing.

The best time to prepare the vaccine
According to Dr. Peter Thielen, the molecular biologist of the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, there have been some genetic changes in coronaviruses since late 2019. It is now almost stable and the time is perfect to prepare the vaccine. At this time the RNA of the corona can be better understood.

Vaccine will be effective for both types of viruses
According to Dr. Peter, the strain of corona identified in American was similar to the virus that spread the infection in Wuhan. The vaccine produced at this time will be effective on both the initial coronavirus and the post-mutation corona.

Normal life is not possible without vaccine
According to biomedical engineering expert Dr. Winston Timp, it is not possible to return to normal life without a vaccine. The slow pace of virus change means there is a high chance of a successful vaccine being produced at this time.

Virus protein is not changing
Dr. Winston says, the greatest focus in research is on the spike protein of the corona that causes infection in human cells. This is the most important. If the vaccine is successful in blocking the virus, it will prove to be very effective.

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