Barmer News in Hindi: TV given for 45 thousand, promise to give 5 thousand monthly for running 4 hours daily, 819 people bought 4 crore TVs, now the company shut down | Watch our channel every 4 hours, you will get 5 thousand every month; Saying it sold 4 crore TVs to 819 people, now the company is closed

  • Police filed a complaint application without registering a case but only started investigation
  • The company also gave a check of 44 thousand rupees after 5 years to the TV buyers.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 10:20 AM IST

Barmer A forgery has surfaced in Barmer, Rajasthan, in which a Gujarat based company escaped after closing Rs 4 crore from people. Hundreds of people filed a complaint application against the company at the police station. The police has started an investigation in this case against the company without registering a case.

The victims told the police that 819 people of Barmer were cheated by M / s Dorotizers Media Private Limited of Ahmedabad. 45-45 thousand rupees were taken from each person. In return, he was given 1-1 LED TV. The company said that after watching their channel on TV every day for 4 hours, 9 thousand rupees will be returned every month for 9 months. Five years later, 44 thousand rupees out of 45 thousand rupees taken for TV will be returned. The company also gave an advance check of 44 thousand. In order to give confidence to the customers, an agreement was also signed with them on a 100 rupee notary.

5 lakh deposited from dealership taker

Jitendra Sharma, residing in Roy Colony of Barmer, the company's dealership was taken on 15 March 2019, in lieu of which a security deposit of Rs 5 lakh was deposited from him. Sharma used to get a large amount of commission on selling LED TVs to the public. They also used to get commission when customers joined.

Many people took the scheme of 11 thousand 500 by giving 83 thousand rupees

The company had also lured the people that on updating the scheme from 45 thousand, 51 thousand, 79 thousand, 81 thousand and 83 thousand rupees, 11 thousand 500 rupees will be given every month instead of 5 thousand. After this, many people also updated the scheme. 819 people put a total of 4 crore 15 lakhs in the company's account. By April 22, 5 thousand rupees were deposited in people's accounts, then the money stopped coming. Now the company's phone is off. Jeetendra Sharma, who took the dealership, is in trouble. People are traveling to his house for money.

The company cited Corona on the website

Daratizers Media Pvt. Ltd. Has written on its website that the contract between the company and the customers has been postponed for some time due to the Cavid-19 epidemic.

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