Rahul Gandhi Update | Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slams on Narendra Modi Govt over Coronavirus Lockdown | Repeatedly doing the same insanity and expecting different results

  • Congress leader told through graph that Corona cases increased in all four phases of lockdown
  • The Congress has been constantly questioning the efforts of the government in fighting the epidemic.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 11:37 AM IST

new Delhi. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has once again surrounded the government regarding the lockdown. Rahul has posted four graphs on Twitter, showing that Corona cases increased in the four phases of lockdown. Rahul has commented that different results are expected while doing the same madness again and again.

India on the way to winning the wrong race: Rahul
Rahul also targeted the government on Friday. He said that India is moving strongly on the path of winning a wrong race. Aerogens and incompetence are causing terrible tragedy.

'The purpose of lockdown has failed'
The Congress has been constantly questioning the government to deal with the Corona crisis and the timing of the lockdown. When the government announced Unlock-1, Rahul said that the lockdown is being removed when the corona is spreading fast. The purpose of the lockdown has failed, the country is suffering its consequences.

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