Bharatpur News in Hindi: Touch screen phone with button and sold for 50 thousand rupees for 20 thousand rupees | The prisoner calls the police station in charge – in jail, a mobile phone with a button is available for 20 thousand and a touch screen with 50 thousand rupees.

  • Himanshu Solanki, who is serving the murder sentence of Bharatpur Saver Jail in Rajasthan, informed police station incharge Ramkishan Yadav on phone.
  • Himanshu told- the prison guard gave the buttoned mobile for 20 thousand, has given 15 thousand, has given 5 thousand

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 11:59 AM IST

Bharatpur. For a normal man, going to jail is a very bad experience, but for professional criminals, this jail is a place of pleasure. Himanshu Solanki, a prisoner of Rajasthan's Bharatpur Saver Jail, himself called the police officer and told that everything is easily found there, there should be a hefty amount in the pocket. Button mobiles are available for 20 thousand rupees and those with touch screens for 50 thousand rupees.

Himanshu Solanki, a resident of Ballabgarh, is serving a sentence in Saver Jail in connection with the murder that took place 5 months ago. On Friday, he made a call on the mobile of Saver police station Incharge Ramkishan Yadav of Bharatpur. After the introduction, Himanshu told that he removed Yadav's number from the Internet.

The secret of black business in such an open prison

Himanshu told, “Jail watchdog Keshav Pandit gave him a Nokia phone with a button instead of 20 thousand rupees. In lieu of this, he had 15 thousand got his family members delivered to Keshav. 5 thousand rupees are yet to be paid, due to which he strikes me on the day he comes. ”After the complaint, SDM Sanjay Goyal and Jail Superintendent Sudhir Prakash Poonia reached Barrack No. 2, where Himanshu was closed.

Himanshu Solanki and Keshav were confronted in the presence of the jailer. Himanshu said that Rs 20,000 is charged in jail for buttoned mobiles and Rs 50,000 for touch screen mobiles. Many notorious gangsters like Lawrence Vishwoi keep it in jail and commit crimes.

On investigation, mobiles are hidden under bags or soil

After the confirmation of the incident, an FIR has been registered against jail guard Keshav Pandit. Investigations have revealed that whenever a team arrives at Saver jail for investigation, the prisoners are alerted there. The prisoners then press the mobile under the pouch or soil. Himanshu also told that the mobile given to him had 2 sims.

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