Coronavirus China Italy | Coronavirus Outbreak China Italy Iran USA Saudi Arabia Peru Live Today News Updates World Cases Novel Corona COVID-19 Death Toll | The mayor of Brazil's most affected city of Sao Paulo, in Thailand, curfew will be lifted from June 15; 79.03 million infected so far in the world

  • So far, 4 lakh 32 thousand 953 people died in the world, while 40.60 lakh were cured
  • More than 21.42 lakhs infected in America, 1 lakh 17 thousand 533 people died

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 14, 2020, 06:17 PM IST

Washington. So far, 4 lakh 32 thousand 902 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. At the same time, the figure of infected has reached 79 lakh 03 thousand 257. So far, 40 lakh 60 thousand 801 people have been cured. Bruno Covas, the mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, was found infected with Corona on Saturday. There were no signs of infection. He has been advised by doctors to work from home. Curfew will be lifted in Thailand from June 15. With this, it will be allowed to sell alcohol again in the restaurant here. There are more than three thousand cases in the country, while 58 deaths have occurred.

10 countries where corona has the highest impact

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 21,42,515 1,17,533 8,54,106
Brazil 8,50,796 42,791 4,37,512
Russia 5,28,964 6,948 2,80,050
India 3,21,626 9,199 1,62,326
Britain 2,94,375 41,662 Not available
Spain 2,90,685 27,136 Not available
Italy 2,36,651 34,301 1,74,865
Peru 2,20,749 6,308 1,07,133
Germany 1,87,423 8,867 1,71,900
Iran 1,84,955 8,730 1,46,748

these figures Are taken from

Brazil: Mayor of São Paulo infected

Bruno Covas, the mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, was found infected with Corona on Saturday. There were no signs of infection. He has been advised by doctors to work from home. Corona has an Epicenter in the country of São Paulo. So far, more than 1 lakh 72 thousand cases have been found, while 10,581 deaths have been reported.

Beijing: Administration on alert
Strict sanctions have been implemented once again in China's capital Beijing after 57 new and local cases surfaced in three days. 3 wholesale markets have been completely closed. Tests of 10 thousand people are being done related to them. Use of masks and sanitizers has been made necessary. Officials did not officially call it the second wave of infection, but it certainly indicated that the danger was increasing.

57 new and local cases have been reported in three days in Beijing, the capital of China. Media reports have said that the government may impose curfew here as well. Long queues of people were seen at some stores here on Saturday.

Beijing: Curfew may be imposed
Some media reports said that the government is considering strict measures in view of the increasing cases in Beijing. Curfew can be imposed in the entire city or parts of it from Monday. However, the government has not said anything about this at the moment. Three wholesale markets have been closed on Saturday. During a week, the people who have gone to these markets have been asked to come and test themselves.

The second wave of infection in Beijing is in danger. 57 people have been found infected in three days. The photo is of Saturday. People strolling in a market along the famous Hohai Lake in Beijing.

Saudi Arabia: Haj pilgrimage may be canceled
The number of infected in Saudi Arabia is increasing rapidly. Till Saturday night, more than one lakh 23 thousand cases were reported here. 932 people died. Media reports claimed that the Saudi government is considering canceling the Haj pilgrimage this year. It is believed that a final decision can be taken this week. Every year about 20 lakh Muslims come here for Haj. In March itself, the Saudi administration appealed to people not to plan Haj pilgrimage this year.

A staff of medicine checks staff at a medical center in Saudi Arabia. The pace of infection has increased here. Media reports said that the government may ban Haj pilgrimage this year.

Egypt: Cases increased again
During 24 hours, 1677 new cases were reported here. During this time 62 people died. Total cases have gone up to 42 thousand 980. 1484 people have died so far. The government said in a statement released on Saturday night – new clusters have emerged in some parts of the country. These are being monitored. Strict restrictions may be implemented soon.

People wearing masks on Saturday in Cairo, Egypt. During 24 hours, 1677 new cases were reported here. During this time 62 people died. Now the government is considering to introduce some new restrictions. A few restrictions were lifted a week ago.

Israel: Restrictions will be imposed again
Infection was largely overcome in Israel. Schools, businesses, bars and hotels also opened here last week. After this, matters started increasing. Now the government has said that 177 schools can be closed again. In the last one week, 493 students and teacher positive have been found here. According to the Health Ministry, the month of July can be very important in terms of infection.

People present in a Ju of the West Bank occupied by Israel on Friday. The Israeli government is considering the closure of 177 schools. 493 students and teachers from these schools have been found infected.

Brazil: More than 42 thousand deaths
The number of infected in Brazil has increased to 8 lakh 50 thousand 514. At the same time, the figure of deaths has increased to 42 thousand 270. 21,704 new cases were reported in 24 hours. During this time 892 patients died. Brazil ranks second after the United States in terms of infectives. At the same time, it is also in the second place in terms of deaths.

Nepal: Government accused of failure
The anger of the people against the government in Nepal is raging. After the coronavirus infection could not be controlled, people have started protests against the government. On Saturday, police arrested 10 protesting people. Among those arrested, 7 are foreigners. So far, 5335 cases of infection have been reported in Nepal and 18 people have died.

People have been protesting against the government in Nepal for three days. Most of them are students. They allege that the government has failed to control the epidemic. A big rally can be taken out on Sunday in the capital Kathmandu.

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