Vegetable vendor wearing PPE kit for protection from infection; The sanitizer also keeps the bike driver wearing a mask but no helmet | Wearing PPE kit to avoid corona, selling vegetables, young indigenous jugaad to go to army

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 15, 2020, 08:59 AM IST

new Delhi. In Jalandhar, Punjab, a vegetable vendor was seen selling vegetables wearing a PPE kit to protect himself from the corona. He said, there are 4 cases in the area where he is selling vegetables. The vegetable vendor had also kept the sanitizer with him. Due to the mercury crossing 40 on Sunday, he had to remove the globs again and again. The locals praised the seller.

Mask on the mouth, but helmet in hand

Photo is of Panchkula, Haryana. This picture shows how careless people are for their lives. He has no particular fear about his life. The only fear is that there may be a corona infection. Wearing a mask for this, but hanging the helmet in hand. Not even following social distancing.

Had to walk on hot bricks and wept innocent

Pheto is of Amritsar railway station in Punjab. The district administration started special trains for the return of migrant laborers. On Sunday, a train left for Chhattisgarh carrying 1600 laborers. Workers' children were also on the train which left in the midst of strong sunlight in the afternoon. In the meantime, when a child who reached the station with the family did not go to the bricks that had been hot due to the scorching heat, he started crying to his mother, giving voice.

Desi gym built by combining wood, tires and insulators

The photo is of Ganjan village in Shahabad tehsil of Rajasthan. Here, the youth have started preparing for exercise by keeping themselves fit for participation in army recruitment. More than 12 youths are preparing in preparation for jugaad equipment. They have made dumbbells with puncture insulators. Made wooden poles for height. Do pushups by putting bad tires on the feet.

Cement pitch prepared in 20 days

The photo is from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Cricketer Barkha Chandravanshi (17) is not away from practice despite the lockdown. They have prepared a cement pitch, turning the lockdown into an opportunity. From preparing a 30-foot-long and 10-foot-wide pitch to pole-pole, Barkha completed it in 20 days. Now she practices every day on this pitch.

Local people got work due to labor migration

The photo is of Kapurthala in Punjab. Paddy cultivation has started here. With the absence of 4 lakh laborers from outside states UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, the government has advised the farmers of the state to reduce the paddy crop and increase the tenancy of Sawani maize. At the same time, the migrant laborers are leaving and the local people are getting plenty of work.

Roads are full: water filled in police station

Photo is from Nashik, Maharashtra. The southwest monsoon duly entered Gujarat on Sunday. Out of two hundred and fifty of the state, 115 were rained in the taluka. The maximum rainfall is 96 mm in Dholka taluka. The monsoon reached Madhya Pradesh on Sunday as well and covered the whole of Maharashtra. Saturday's streets of Nashik and a police station were flooded.

Sheep flock from Manali to the mountains of Lahaul

Photo is of Kullu of Himachal. The plains are leaving from Mandi, Bilaspur, Kangra to Sheeppalak Kullu, Manali and Lahaul Spiti. These sheep spinach every year turn to the mountains as soon as summer comes and descend towards the plains in the winter season. These days, they are reaching Chandrakhani, Hamtapas, Bhringu Toong and surrounding hills adjoining Manpaliak Manali.

Panther dies due to electrocution

The photo is of Sankotra village near Jamwa Ramgarh in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. The panther died of electrocution while attempting to hunt peacocks sitting on the transformer here, along with the peacock also succumbed. The incident occurred late Saturday. On receipt of the information, the forest officials formed a medical team of three-member veterinarians and cremated the panther after conducting post-mortem in the range premises.

The gongs were seen sitting on the rocks of the river

The photo is from Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. Here the Gharial Century has been developed in the down stream of Raneh Fall in Khajuraho area on the river Kane. Efforts are being made to settle the crocodile brought from Chambal river in this century. Among these, gongs are seen several times at the Bhurando Ghat of the Ken river in the Madla Range area. It is also seen sitting on the rocks of the gharial river in the morning in the summer season.

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