PM Modi to hold video conference with states on between surge in corona cases | Modi said- Despite such a population, Corona in India was not able to do as much damage as the disaster came abroad; Lockdown and discipline worked

  • Number of corona infected in the country crosses 3.43 lakhs, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases
  • Challenges before the central and state governments to prevent infection and handle the economy

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 16, 2020, 04:58 PM IST

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is discussing the situation in Corona with the Chief Ministers of 21 states through video conference. In his 15-minute opening comments, Modi talked about the government's move to fight Corona, states' cooperation, ways to prevent Corona, the impact of lockdown, unlock-1, economy and reforms.

Modi said that the world's biggest experts are discussing our lockdown and discipline. The recovery rate in the country has gone above 50%. India is one of the leading countries in the world where the lives of the infected are surviving.

7 special things of Modi's speech

1. Presented the example of co-operative federalism
Modi said that compared to our population, the Corona could not show as much destruction as the other countries of the world. In the future when India's fight against Corona will be studied, this period will also be remembered for how we worked together during this time, presenting the best example of Co-operative Federalism.

2. India has the lowest number of deaths from corona compared to the world
The death of any one Indian is also uncomfortable for us. India is among the countries in which the lowest deaths are due to corona. India can move forward, limiting its losses in this Corona crisis. Can handle the economy faster. In the 2-week Unlock-1, it has been learned that if we keep following the rules, Corona crisis will cause least damage to India.

3. Negligence of one person is heavier than others
It is important to emphasize the mask or face cover too much. It is also wrong to imagine the person leaving the house without a mask. It is as dangerous for itself as it is for the people around it. So whether it is a matter of two yards, it is a matter of washing hands or sanitization, all these works should be done seriously. They are very important for the protection of the children and the elderly at home.

4. Negligence will weaken the fight
Till now almost all offices have been opened. Private offices have also opened. The slightest carelessness, lack of discipline will weaken our fight against Corona, and the austerity of so many days will recede. We have to keep in mind that the more our economy will be able to stop Corona, the offices will open, the means of transport will open and the more the means of employment will increase.

5. Economy on track
Everyone will benefit from the way the economy will expand in the coming days. Green shoots are beginning to appear in our economy. Power consumption has started increasing. The fertilizer cell has doubled in May. Kharif sowing was up by 12-13% this year. Production of vehicles has reached the 70% level before lockdown. After a decrease in exports for three consecutive months, it rose again in June to reach the previous year's level. All these are motivating us to move forward.

6. Supporting small industries
Fisheries, MSMEs are very large in all states. A number of decisions have been taken to support them. MSMEs are trying to get credit from the bank. Businesses with turnover up to Rs 100 crore will be given the benefit of 20% additional credit. For the trade and industry to catch up with its old pace, the value chain will also have to work together. Wherever there is a specific business point in the states, work 24 hours. If there is no problem at the local level, the economic activity will be faster.

7. Reforms will benefit farmers
When the income of the farmer increases, the demand will certainly increase. Especially in the North East and tribal areas, new opportunities will come about farming and horticulture. The cluster based strategy announced for the local product will benefit every state.

These 21 states / union territories included in today's meeting

Punjab Assam Kerala
Uttarakhand Jharkhand Chhattisgarh
Tripura Himachal Pradesh Chandigarh
Goa Manipur Nagaland
Ladakh Puducherry Arunachal Pradesh
Meghalaya Mizoram Andaman and Nicobar
Dadar Nagar Haveli-Daman Diu Sikkim Lakshadeep

Sixth meeting with states in 3 months
Modi has been in constant discussion with the states since March on the Corona crisis. Today is the sixth meeting.

When was the last 5 meetings, what was the situation then?

Meeting date What was discussed Corona case Deaths from corona
20 March Modi focused on social distancing and the Janata curfew of 22 March. 249 5
2 April Discussions were held with 9 Chief Ministers. Modi said – after the lockdown, it would be better to give discounts gradually. 2,543 72
11 April It was agreed to extend the lockdown by 30 April. The meeting was supported by 10 chief ministers. 8,446 288
27 April It was agreed to open a lockdown outside the hotspot on 4 May. Five states were still in favor of increasing the lockdown after May 3. 29,451 939
11 May Modi asked the Chief Ministers – tell us what kind of lockdown you want in your state by May 15. 70,768 2,294

Tomorrow will talk to the 15 most affected states
Modi will hold discussions with chief ministers for two consecutive days. On Wednesday i.e. tomorrow, we will talk to 15 states including Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and West Bengal. Maharashtra has the highest number of 1 lakh 10 thousand 744 cases of corona. Cases are also increasing rapidly in Delhi.

Much of the economy began in Unlock-1.
The government launched Unlock-1 in the country from June 1. Hotel-restaurants, shopping malls and religious sites were also opened last week with conditions. Public transport has also started.

9915 people died from Corona.
The central and state governments face challenges to put a brake on the corona transition and speed up the economy. The number of corona infections in the country has exceeded 3.43 lakhs. If more than 10,000 new cases came on Monday, more than 10 thousand patients were cured in a single day. So far 9 thousand 915 people have died from Corona.

The central government took the front in Delhi
In Delhi, Corona patients were also receiving complaints of not getting facilities and keeping the corpses in the garbage heap. In view of this, the Supreme Court reprimanded the Delhi government last week. After that the central government has taken over. On Saturday, Modi discussed the situation in Delhi with his ministers and senior officers. The next day, Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. On Monday, Shah also held an all-party meeting.

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