India China Ladakh Border Clash Latest News Updates | Indian / Chinese Soldiers Clash in Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Galwan Valley Ladakh | Fight between two atomic forces in the 14 thousand feet high Galavan valley till midnight, killed by stones and thorn sticks

  • China intermittently sending bodies of Indian soldiers; A sudden attack was made during the conversation; He also has 43 military casualties.
  • 3 soldiers, including the commanding officer, were killed on the spot, 17 soldiers were seriously injured.
  • Movement of Chinese helicopters increased on line of actual control, airlifting casualties

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 17, 2020, 08:52 AM IST

Ladakh China has betrayed India after 45 years. The Indian Army was attacked by the Chinese Army on Monday night for talks in Ladakh. This attack was attacked with stones, sticks and sharp objects. In this, 20 soldiers including the commanding officer of India were killed.

The clash, which lasted for three hours, took place between two atomic forces of the world in the 14 thousand feet high Galvan Valley in Ladakh. In the same Galvan Valley, where 33 Indians were killed in the 1962 war. India has intercepted the talks towards China. According to this, 43 military casualties are reported from China, but China has not made this confession.

Alert in Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh
An alert has been sounded in Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur districts of Himachal Pradesh amidst ongoing tension from China. These districts are bordered by China. According to the news agency, the purpose of this exercise is to protect the local people from danger and gather intelligence. Police said that all necessary steps have been taken to protect the people.

This is how China cheated 45 years ago.
On 20 October 1975, China attacked the Assam Rifle Patroling Party with an ambush by deception in Tulung La, Arunachal Pradesh. Four Indian soldiers were martyred in this. After 45 years, our soldiers have been martyred on the China border.

China sending bodies of soldiers intermittently, some soldiers fell into the river
Army sources said that 15 to 20 soldiers are missing. Some of these are under Chinese occupation. China was sending bodies of Indian soldiers intermittently. Some soldiers have fallen into the river, whose bodies are being found. Has come for 24 hours, but they have not been detected. China's movement on line of actuarial control has increased. He is airlifting the casualties of his army.

Three soldiers martyred after being shot

According to sources, 3 out of 20 soldiers have died due to firing. 45 soldiers were taken hostage and 25 of them have been released. 135 Indian soldiers are injured.

Earlier, the army said in an official statement that the two armies were now behind. 17 Indian soldiers were seriously injured during the line of duty. They were in areas with high altitude at less than zero temperature. Because of this, he lost his life. The total number of martyrs has been 20.

Those who have been martyred include Colonel Santosh Babu, the commanding officer of 16 Bihar Regiment. Two other names have been confirmed. These are Havildar Palani and soldier Kundan Jha. The remaining names have not yet been revealed.

Galvan is just 1200 km away from Delhi, yet why are the information coming so late?

  • Monday night between 12 to 2 pm: There is a big incident in Galvan of Ladakh. But no one gets the information. Not even the country through Delhi.
  • Tuesday afternoon around 12.45 pm: The news comes that three soldiers, including the CO, the Commanding Officer, have died.
  • 1 PM: Nearly 11 hours after the incident, the army issued a statement saying that yes, our three soldiers including the colonel have been martyred.
  • 3pm: The Prime Minister sits in Delhi and interacts with the Chief Ministers of 20 states. The subject is corona. Telling the country to leave wearing a mask.
  • 8 PM: After the meeting with the Chief Ministers, there is a meeting of the Defense Minister, Home Minister and National Security Advisor at the Prime Minister's house around 9 pm.
  • 10 PM: At the same time, news comes that 20 soldiers have died on the border of China, the number may increase. Then comes the news that 43 Chinese soldiers have either been killed or injured.
  • 10.30 pm on Tuesday night The meeting at the Prime Minister's house ends. But no statement by night.

China took the initiative of negotiation after the clash

After the incident on Monday night, China started trying for damage control. The meeting was called in Galvan Valley on the initiative of China at 7:30 am on Tuesday. Major General Level talks between the two countries were held in this.

China started threatening when the news came out
About 1 o'clock in the afternoon, news of violent clashes came to the world. After this, China changed its stand. He came in a threatening manner. Said: Now India should not act unilaterally, otherwise difficulties will increase. Chinese government newspaper The Global Times quoted China's Foreign Ministry as saying that the border had been agreed between the two countries, but the Indian soldiers broke it and crossed the border.

We have democracy here, so the army told in the morning how many soldiers were martyred
“The de-escalation process was going on in Galvan Valley on Monday night, but then the violence took place,” the statement issued by the Army said in the morning. One of our officers and two soldiers were martyred. Soldiers on both sides have lost their lives in violent clashes. “There is democracy in the country, so our army gave the number of martyrs. (Expert analysis Read here)

China's answer to India- It would not have happened if we had taken care of mutual consent
About 8 hours after the clash surfaced, the Indian Foreign Ministry said that there was damage on both sides. If the mutual agreement at the high level was taken care of by China, then the losses on both sides could have been avoided. India has always moved by staying within its limits. We expect China to do the same. (Full news Read here)

America is also eyeing tension in Ladakh

The United States is also eyeing the situation arising after violent clashes between Indo-Chinese soldiers in Ladakh. The US State Department issued a statement saying that we are watching the situation on the LAC between the troops of India and China. Both countries want to deal with this stressful situation with mutual cooperation and peace. On June 2, the issue was also discussed between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Confirmation of how many Chinese soldiers were killed

The situation is not clear about how many Chinese soldiers have been killed in retaliation by Indian soldiers. The chief reporter of the Chinese newspaper, The Global Times, had earlier claimed that 5 soldiers were killed. However, later the reporter said that he had said this to the Indian media.

Chief reporter of Global Times said that the first 5 soldiers were killed

Chief reporter later said- It was claimed by quoting Indian media

Tension since May, talks were held 4 times in June, yet violence erupted
There is tension between the two countries on the border for 41 days. It started on 5 May. After this, talks between the armies of the two countries have been held four times in June itself. Negotiations between the armies of the two countries were agreed to reduce tension or de-escalation on the border. The forces of both countries were retreating from the disputed areas under de-escalation.

Former DGMO said – Do not take this skirmish lightly
Former Director General of Military Operations Lieutenant General (Retd) Vinod Bhatia says that this violent clash between soldiers on both sides and the martyrdom of a colonel and two soldiers in it is a matter of great concern. Both sides have to bring the situation under control immediately. This violent clash indicates that the situation is extremely tense. Do not take it lightly.

There was a violent confrontation in 1967 as well
After the 1962 war, there was a violent clash between India and China at Nathu La in Sikkim on 11 September 1967. After that there was a clash on 15 September 1967 as well. The dispute came to an end in October 1967.

China then claimed that 65 of India's soldiers were martyred. At the same time, 36 soldiers of India were martyred in Cho La skirmish. It is estimated that 400 Chinese soldiers were also killed during the entire confrontation.

Where, when and how did the clashes last month?
1. Date – 5th May, Place- Pangong Lake in East Ladakh

In the evening of that day, about 200 Indo-Chinese soldiers turned face-to-face in the Finger-5 area on the northern side of this lake. India objected to the presence of Chinese soldiers. Conflict conditions persisted throughout the night. The next day, there was a skirmish between the soldiers on both sides. Later, the matter was resolved after talks between top officials on both sides.

2. Date – possibly May 9, place – Naku La Sector in North Sikkim at an altitude of 16 thousand feet
Here, 150 soldiers of India and China were face to face. Its date has not been officially revealed. However, according to a report by The Hindu, the clash occurred here only on 9 May. During the patrol, the soldiers, face to face, attacked each other with punches. 10 soldiers were injured in this clash. Officers later intervened here too. Then the clash stopped.

3. Date – Probably 9 May, Place – Ladakh
The day China-India troops clashed in North Sikkim, China sent its helicopters to the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. Chinese helicopters did not cross the border, but in response, India sent a fleet of its Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter plane from Leh airbase and the rest of the fighter aircraft. According to media reports, this was the first time in recent years that in response to such action by China, India sent its fighter aircraft to the border.

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