Rahul Gandhi Update | Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Attacks On Narendra Modi Over India China Clash In Ladakh Galwan Valley | Rahul asked- Why did the unarmed soldiers send martyrs? Jaishankar's answer – Weapons were, but they were not to be used due to the agreement.

  • On Wednesday, Rahul also took a dig at Prime Minister Modi for the Galvan incident.
  • The External Affairs Minister responded to Rahul by referring to the agreements reached in 1996 and 2005

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 18, 2020, 04:48 PM IST

new Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again targeted the government over the Galvan Valley incident. The former Congress president said in a tweet on Thursday – Why did the government send soldiers without weapons to be martyred? How dare China become so capable of killing our soldiers? Foreign Minister S Jaishankar responded by tweeting that the soldiers who were martyred in Galvan were not unarmed. They had weapons. The Foreign Minister cited the agreement and said that the soldiers could not use these weapons during the confrontation.

Rahul also asked Modi – why are you silent?
On Wednesday, Rahul taunted Prime Minister Modi. Rahul had asked- Why is Modi silent? Why are they hiding the matter? Let me tell you that there was a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan Valley on Monday night. 20 soldiers of India were martyred. 43 Chinese soldiers were also reported killed or injured.

How dare China?
Rahul made a tweet on Thursday. In this, the government again got angry. Said- how dare China to kill our unarmed soldiers? Who sent our soldiers without weapons to be martyred there.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted this on Thursday.

Asked for Modi's answer
Rahul had also tweeted on Wednesday. In this, directly taunting the Prime Minister, he had asked for the answer on the incident of Galvan Valley. Rahul had said- Why is Modi silent? Why are they hiding the matter? Enough now, we should know what happened? Rahul said that how can China dare to kill our soldiers and come to our land?

Rajnath Singh was tagged
On Wednesday, Rahul tweeted another. This time he asked some questions while tagging Defense Minister Rajnath. Rahul had asked- Why did you not name China. Why did it take two days to grieve. Why were you rallying when the soldiers were getting martyred. Why are you hiding

Congress President said- Prime Minister should tell the country how China did this

Congress President Sonia Gandhi said on Wednesday – Today there is anger everywhere about China's actions. The Prime Minister should come forward and tell the country how China did this audacity. How did China occupy the land of India. How our 20 soldiers were martyred.

We stand like a rock with the government – Congress

On Wednesday itself, Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi had said – We are standing like a rock with the government and the nation. China should be given a fair answer by putting its eyes in it. He said that I think the Prime Minister's move to call a meeting of all the parties is good. It is admirable. But it has been a while. If the Prime Minister had called this meeting a month ago, we could have helped even more.

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