major cyber intrusion has hit the Australian government and private sector news and updates | Large cyber attack on government and private sector; No country behind the attack, but Prime Minister Morrison did not reveal the name

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson about this
  • On the question of doubt on China, Morrison said – they are not openly accusing anyone

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 19, 2020, 08:57 AM IST

Melbourne There has been a major cyber attack on Australia's government and private sector. It is being told that a country is behind this. China is also being doubted. However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to name any country. He clarified that till now no major data theft has been revealed in the investigation.

Morrison told the media in Canberra on Friday that the attack was being carried out on all sectors, including government, industry, political organizations, education, health and essential services. He also said that this is not a new thing, but in the last few months they have gained momentum.

The way that there is a country behind it

Morrison said, “We know that this is an attack by a country, the way it proves it. The Australian government is conscious of this and is also warning. “He said that Australia is working on this threat with close allies and partners.”

Giving information so that people are aware

Morrison said that he is not expressing concern about this by speaking openly, but rather for awareness. He said that the institutions, especially those connected with basic health needs and essential services, are being encouraged. They are being asked to take measures to protect their technology.

China-Australia has been in conflict for a long time
Doubt is being raised on China behind this cyber attack because its relations with Australia have not been doing well for a long time. China calls it the hanger of America. Australia is in favor of conducting an investigation into the spread of coronavirus and suspects China.

Australian ambassador targeted China last month
Australia's High Commissioner in India, Barry O'Farrell, said last month that after World War II, there were some rules that India and Australia are following, but not China. He said that China is trying to change the current situation in the South China Sea in a unilateral manner, which is not in accordance with the consensus on the issue.

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