rath yatra 2020 Muslim social worker petition to take out Rath Yatra, Puri can be taken out by total shutdown Rath Yatra, hearing on Sunday or Monday | Muslim philanthropist petition for rath yatra, Puri's total shutdown appeal to remove chariot, hearing on Sunday or Monday

  • On Thursday, the Supreme Court has banned the procession
  • No decision could be taken in the temple committee meeting

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 19, 2020, 07:03 PM IST

Puri. There is still a ray of hope for the Jagannath Rath Yatra. A Muslim philanthropist has filed a review petition in the Supreme Court. It said that the court should think again on taking out the rath yatra. The rath yatra can be carried out only by the temple priests and servants by total shutdown of the city of Puri. The tradition of Sreejaganath Rath Yatra can be saved from breaking. The petition may be heard on Sunday or Monday.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court, while hearing a PIL, had banned the Jagannath Rath Yatra that took place on June 23 due to the corona virus. Aftab Hussain has filed a petition on Friday to reconsider the same decision. Mr. Hussain's lawyer Pranayakumar Mohapatra said that the petition has been filed in view of the tradition of Shri Jagannath Temple and the faith of the people of the whole of Orissa.

We have demanded from the Supreme Court in the petition that the entire city be shut down completely on June 23. No one should be allowed to leave the house. The temple has 1172 servants. All of them have been tested Kovid-19, which has come negative. 750 people are required to draw all three chariots. There are 1172 servants near the temple. It is these people who can take the chariots of the rath yatra to the Gundicha temple. In this way, the Rath Yatra can be taken out without the involvement of outsiders.

  • Puri Shankaracharya also asked to reconsider the verdict

Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati has also said that the court should reconsider its decision. Keeping the health of the people in mind, stopping the Rath Yatra is welcome, but a middle path should be removed, so that the tradition of Shri Mandir is not broken.

  • It was banned on Thursday

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled on the petition of Orissa Development Council, an NGO of Bhubaneswar, that the Rath Yatra should not be held anywhere in Orissa this year. Chief Justice SA Bobde had said – Lord Jagannath will not forgive us if we allow the Rath Yatra this year between Corona.

The Supreme Court said that when a pandemic spreads, it cannot be allowed to visit such a large crowd. There should not be a trip this year for the health and safety of the people. The Bench of Chief Justice asked the Odisha government not to allow any procession or programs related to the rath yatra anywhere in the state this year.

  • Temple committee meeting was inconclusive

After the Supreme Court's decision, the temple committee meeting was held at 11 am on Friday. No decision could be made in this. There will be a meeting again at 6 in the evening. The temple committee is also seeking guidance from Puri Shankaracharya in this matter.

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