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  • So far, 4 lakh 63 thousand 450 people died in the world, while 46.56 lakh were cured
  • More than 22.97 lakhs infected in America, 1 lakh 21 thousand 407 people died

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Jun 21, 2020, 02:57 AM IST

Washington. So far, 4 lakh 63 thousand 450 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. The figure of the infected has increased to 88 lakh 798. So far, 46 lakh 56 thousand 271 people have become healthy. Infection figures in Iran exceeded two lakh on Saturday. There are 2322 new cases reported in a single day, while 115 people have died. So far 9507 people have lost their lives in the country.

10 countries where corona has the highest impact

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 22,97,642 1,21,414 9,56,077
Brazil 10,38,568 49,090 5,20,360
Russia 5,76,952 8,002 3,34,592
India 3,96,874 12,972 2,14,868
Britain 3,01,815 42,461 Not available
Spain 2,92,655 27,136 Not available
Peru 2,47,925 7,660 1,35,520
Italy 2,38,011 34,561 1,81,907
Chile 2,31,393 4,093 1,86,441
Iran 2,02,584 9,507 1,61,384

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Russia: 7889 new cases

There have been 7889 new cases of infection in Russia in 24 hours. The number of infected here has exceeded 5.76 lakhs. A day earlier, 7972 cases were confirmed here. At the same time, among the new cases received on Saturday, there are 2579 such cases in which the symptoms of corona were not revealed. 1057 new cases have been found in Moscow. So far 7841 people have died in the country.

Russia military soldiers in Saint's Pittsburgh rehearsing military parade wearing masks. In the last 24 hours, there have been no increase in symptomatic cases.

Guatemala: Health Minister removed

President Alejandro Giamatte ousted Health Minister Hugo Monre amid increasing cases of infection in Guatemala. Former Deputy Health Minister Emelia Flores has been given this responsibility. For some time, opposition parties have been accusing Monray of failing to stop the infection.

France: People painted the Ministry of Health in red
Stadiums will be reopened in France from July 11. Up to 5 thousand people will be allowed to sit here. The number of people can also be increased till summer. The government is gradually reducing restrictions in the country. People resentful of epidemic deaths here have painted the building of the Ministry of Health in red. They were doing this to show the blood of those who died. So far more than 29 thousand people have died in the country, while 1.59 lakh are infected.

This photo is from France. Here the government has relaxed the lockdown restrictions. After this, people were seen cycling on the streets.

Australia: Locked till 12 July

The lockdown has been imposed until 12 July after new cases surfaced in the state of Victoria, Australia. Victoria's premier Daniel Andrews announced it after receiving 25 infected within 24 hours. He said- We have always heard our health experts. Now they are saying that we have reached critical condition. The state has witnessed the highest number of cases in the last two months. The new rules will come into effect from Sunday midnight. According to this, no house will be able to gather more than 5 guests. Only 20 people can go to restaurants and cafes instead of 50.

Health workers deployed for screening people at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. In the state of Victoria here on Saturday, the most infected were found compared to the last two months. (File photo)

Brazil: More than 54 thousand cases in 24 hours

The number of infected in Brazil has crossed 1 million. The Health Ministry here said late Friday that 54 thousand 771 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number of cases reported in a single day in any country of the world so far. According to the Ministry of Health, 1206 infected people died late Thursday to Friday. So far, 48 thousand 954 people have lost their lives in the country. People here are angry with the government's failure to deal with the infection. Demonstrations were held at many places in the country.

Employees bury the corpse of a corona infected in a cemetery in São Paulo, Brazil.

Iran: Death toll rises
Cases of infections and deaths continue to increase in Iran. By Friday night the death toll stood at 9,392. This information was released by the Health Ministry. More than two lakh people are infected here. According to the government of Iran, a new task force is being formed to deal with the situation. This team will especially keep an eye on those clusters where cases have increased rapidly.

An employee sanitizing the Fatema Mosque in Kom, Iran.

Mexico: Death toll crosses 20 thousand

The death toll in Mexico has crossed 20 thousand. The Health Ministry on Friday confirmed 5,030 new cases to come. 647 people have died here in 24 hours. With this, the total number of deaths increased to 20 thousand 394. So far, 1 lakh 70 thousand 485 have been found infected in the country.

Cemetery workers in San Efrain, near Mexico City, digging up graves to bury a man who died from Corona.

America: 4 thousand new cases in California
In the US, 4 thousand 317 new cases have been reported in California in 24 hours. For the first time after spreading the infection, we got so infected here. On Friday, 70 people also died here. In Houston, more than 50 policemen have been found infected. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the number of infected is increasing due to demonstrations in support of blacks in the country.

Temporary camp for virus antibody testing of Tinglewood people in California.

China: Flights canceled in Beijing

Hundreds of flights were canceled in Beijing on Friday. In the last 6 days, there have been 137 cases in Beijing. There is a risk of spreading the infection again. The government has announced a soft lockdown. Infection has increased in 9 of 16 districts of Beijing. The government has identified 27 areas where infection is feared. In particular, people have been asked to take precautions in the Shinfady Food Market and its surroundings.

People queuing up near the testing camp in Beijing, the capital of China. Testing has been extended here for the last few days.

Germany: 300 houses quarantine in Berlin
300 houses have been quarantined after 57 new cases were reported in Berlin, Germany. According to local media, the decision was taken after being found infected in seven apartments in the residential area. The efforts of the German government in preventing infection have been greatly appreciated. So far 8 thousand 960 infected people have lost their lives and 1 lakh 90 thousand 660 cases have been reported.

Airport employees demonstrated on Friday in Frankfurt, Germany, against a job cut because of a corona.

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