Coronavirus USA China Italy | Coronavirus Outbreak China Brazil Chile Iran USA Pakistan Peru Live Today News Updates World Cases Novel Corona COVID 19 Death Toll | Over 2 million cases in Latin America and Caribbean countries, curfew lifted in Saudi Arabia from today; 89.82 million infected in the world so far

  • So far, 4 lakh 68 thousand 63 people died in the world, while 47.76 lakh were cured
  • More than 23.43 lakh infected in America, 1 lakh 22 thousand 70 people died

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Jun 22, 2020, 02:42 AM IST

Washington. So far, 4 lakh 68 thousand 63 people have died due to coronavirus in the world. The figure of the infected has increased to 89 lakh 82 thousand 508. So far, 47 lakh 76 thousand 4767 people have become healthy. In Latin America and the Caribbean countries, the number of coronaviruses has crossed 20 million. Half of the cases have been reported in Brazil. Peru and Chile have seen the highest number of cases after this.

Meanwhile, curfew was lifted in Saudi Arabia from Sunday. However, international flights and religious sites will remain banned.

10 countries where corona has the highest impact

Country How infected How many deaths How well
America 23,43,198 1,22,070 9,74,757
Brazil 10,73,376 50,182 5,43,186
Russia 5,84,680 8,111 3,39,711
India 4,22,526 13,509 2,35,328
Britain 3,04,331 42,632 Not available
Spain 2,93,352 28,323 Not available
Peru 2,51,338 7,660 1,38,763
Italy 2,38,499 34,634 1,82,893
Chile 2,36,748 4,295 1,96,609
Iran 2,04,952 9,623 1,63,591

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  • Coronovirus killed the Iraqi football veteran Ahmed Radhi. 56-year-old Radhi was known for his World Cup goal in Mexico in 1986. His goal is Iraq's only goal in the World Cup final. He scored this goal against Belgium.
  • The famous American comedian DL Hooghly has been found to be Corona positive. He fell unconscious while performing in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. He was then hospitalized. Where he was found infected.

Spain: Foreign Tourists Approved
The ban on foreign tourists from Spain has been lifted since Sunday. Now European Union and UK tourists will be allowed to come here. However, they will be thoroughly tested at the airport as soon as they arrive in Spain. Tourists will also have to give their complete personal information.

On Sunday, people arrived from other countries at Spain's Madrid Adolfo Sures Barrageas Airport. Foreigners have been allowed to visit the tourist places here.

Pakistan: ISI Brigadier dies

Brigadier Hassan Afzal of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI in Balochistan died from Corona. There is a severe lack of medical facility in Balochistan. He is killed due to lack of proper treatment. So far, more than 9 thousand people have been infected here.

Lockdown has been imposed again in Pakistan after the increase in infection cases. After this, shops here have been closed.

New Zealand: 2 new patients found
Two new infected were found in New Zealand on Sunday. The number of infections in the country has reached 1511. Last week, five cases were reported after 24 days. On Sunday, the case appeared in a child under two years old, who had recently arrived from India. The second case was reported in a 59-year-old woman. The woman arrived in Auckland from Delhi on 15 June. So far, 3 lakh 41 thousand 117 people have been investigated in the country.

Saudi Arabia: Curfew removed from all over the country
The curfew has been lifted in Saudi Arabia since Sunday. Now economic activities will start here. However, the ban on all international flights and Umrah pilgrims will continue until further orders. There will be a ban on more than 50 people gathering at one place. So far, more than 1.57 lakh cases have been reported in the country.

Religious sites in Saudi Arabia will remain closed until further orders. So far, more than 1.54 lakh people have been infected in the country.

China: 22 new cases found in Beijing
In Beijing, cases of infection appear to be increasing. 22 new cases have been found here on Saturday. Along with this, three suspected cases and three non-symptomatic patients were found. So far 83 thousand 378 cases have been confirmed in the country, while 4634 people have died.

Brazil: Death rate 5%
During the 24 hours in Brazil, more than a thousand people have died. With this, the figure of the dead has reached beyond 50 thousand. The number of infected has increased to more than 10 lakh 73 thousand. The death toll in the country has been 50 thousand 182. So far, 5.20 lakh people have been cured by the epidemic in the country. The rate of deaths from corona is 5%.

France: 1.96 lakhs infected
More than six hundred cases of 24-hour epidemics have been reported in France. With this, the number of infected people has crossed 1.60 lakhs. According to the data released late Saturday by the Ministry of Health, the number of dead in the country has risen to 29 thousand 633.

Denmark: Dog Found Infected
According to the news agency Xinhua, a dog has been found infected in Denmark. The dog belongs to the owner of North Jutland Farm, where two minks have been found in samples recently taken from a group of 46 mink animals. Earlier Thursday, he was killed as a precaution after an infection of 11,000 mink herds was found at a farm in northern Jutland in western Denmark. The Danish government will examine 120 selected farms across the country.

Chile: 4295 deaths
2 lakh 36 thousand 748 people are affected by the virus in Chile. So far 4295 people have died. According to the Ministry of Health, 5355 new cases of infection have been detected in 24 hours. During this time 202 people have died. There are currently 1682 corona-infected patients on ventilators in the country. Of these, 416 is fragile. So far 9 lakh 43 thousand 593 people have been investigated in the country.

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