Manmohan Singh Update | Former Prime Minister on Narendra Modi Government Over India China Galwan Valley Clash, Says Disinformation no substitute for diplomacy | Manmohan said- Prime Minister should speak on security wisely; BJP's reply – China made 600 incursions in 3 years at the time of Manmohan

  • Modi said in an all-party meeting last week that – no one entered our border
  • The opposition asked- this is true, then why were talks with China, why did our soldiers become martyrs?
  • PMO cleanliness- Prime Minister talked about the clash on 15 June

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Jun 22, 2020, 06:03 PM IST

new Delhi. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has commented on the issue of China for the first time. He has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give a thoughtful statement on the issue of security, strategy and boundaries of the country. They should be careful what will affect their talk in these cases. Manmohan Singh made this comment on Monday after the controversy over Modi's statement in an all-party meeting on Friday.

BJP's answer- Congress always lowered morale of security forces
Party President JP Nadda has said that Manmohan Singh's statement is just a game of words. Seeing the attitude of the top Congress leaders, no one will trust these things. It is the same Congress which has always dropped the morale of our security forces. The country has full faith in Prime Minister Modi. In the last three years of Mahmohan's tenure, China had infiltrated 600 times. Manmohan belongs to the same party that surrendered before China on India's 43,000 km border.

'If the government leaves any shortfall, it will be deceiving the public'
Manmohan Singh says that the government should take some big steps so that the soldiers killed in the security of our borders can get justice. If the government leaves any shortfall it will be a betrayal of the people of the country.

The former Prime Minister said that we are at a historic juncture. At this time the decision and action of the government will decide what the future generations will think about us? Our leadership has to bear the responsibilities. In Indian democracy, this is the responsibility of the Prime Minister's Office.

'Prime Minister should not encourage China with his statement'
Manmohan said that China has forcibly infiltrated the Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake several times since 2000. We will not succumb to his threats and pressure nor will we compromise the integrity of the country. The Prime Minister should not encourage his conspiracy by his statement. It should also be decided that the situation should not be more serious.

Rahul said- I hope that the Prime Minister will listen

Modi said – no one entered our border
In the all-party meeting held last week on the issue of China, Prime Minister Modi said that no one has entered our border, nor is any post in the possession of anyone. After this, the opposition had raised questions that this is true, then why were talks going on with China, why were our 20 soldiers martyred?

On this, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) clarified that the rumor is being spread by misrepresenting Modi's statement. He said about the June 15 clash that Chinese soldiers could not infiltrate that day because of the bravery of our soldiers.

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